2024, the Year with the Final Truths

(Eliciting Divine Solutions for Humanity’s Problems and the Seventy Chosen ones)

Then the Lord said to Moses, “gather for me seventy of Israel’s elders of whom you have experience as elders and officers of the people, and bring them to the Tent of Meeting, and let them take their place there with you. I will come down and speak with you there, and I will draw upon the spirit that is on you and put it upon them; they shall share the burden of the people with you, and you shall not bear it alone.” (Numbers 11:16-17).

My beloved and dearest readers, as we entertain the dawn of a new year, we cannot fathom the perplexities and disconsolation of an unknown future that will be observed and entertained by our brothers and sisters during their emotional and spiritual transitory journey of the year 2024.

On October 26, 2021, I published an article titled, November, the Month with the Final Truths in which I disclosed an eleventh-hour period in which nothing, but the truth should be given to those that had been murmuring to God about how it was better in previous years. The fact, as we have experienced since then, that it was in principle much better than it is today. However, the murmuring experienced since January 2021 appears now to have merit. But it was not as it was for the children of Israel who murmured against Moses during the Exodus perilous journey after leaving Egypt. Our murmuring toward God had for conveyance an unsupported emotional instability about what the future held. Our fears were not only reasonable but also tangible. And is this expectancy that very, very soon will rise in this nation’s conscience as we are now in the home stretch of a wretched journey of the last three years. To some it has been a miserable journey in which the emotional and spiritual spheres collided creating in our life’s ambivalence and frustrations. To others it was an expected journey in which one had to master spiritual discipline throughout the events that manifested oneself in their lives whether it was good or in some other cases, not so good. It was a mandatory journey in which we could have mastery of not only ability to understand the events but also the people that affected our lives. This enormity we all experienced these last three years and most also endured for a little longer had a divine purpose. To some of you may have encountered in your conscience that these three past years regrettably was enshrouded in all sorts of deceptions, ill offenses to your traditional values, and most important, endangering your divine nature. However, all this is about to change in the year 2024 and will have its epical manifestation in the spring of the year 2027, consequently the purpose of this article.

On December 27, 2023, I received this message that I am about to disclose. It is not in any way or form a prophecy or a prediction to unfold as you have been accustomed to perceiving, but it is simply a message for everyone to contemplate and personally witness its effect on everyone’s life. Above, I echoed the words found in the Holy Scriptures as guide because it is from this act of God to the children of Israel that it becomes our mirrored circumstances of our present days. Since the beginning of the year 2023, the universe has been disclosing, offering, and even handing out signs and symbols that an unprecedented event in human existence is about to take place. This divine manifestation that begins today, January 1st of 2024 will continue for seventy days. As the message received it discloses the intervention of the Great Source, God that has heard the pleads and supplications of an elite group we have come to known as Light workers. These incredible numbers of light warriors are members that some of you have become acquainted with as old souls or Star Seeds. In previous articles published on www.thejerusalem assembly.org I have discussed their roles and valuable inputs in human affairs. These individual souls are not only unique in their nature but also in their roles on this earth. Thanks to their unswerving commitment on behalf of humanity, the universe, the heavens are now the essential ingredient at the doorstep of humanity’s transformation. Therefore, the message received outlines the following steps before all of us that now reside on this planet.

As mentioned above for seventy days, beginning today, a soul, a representative existing on this earth will be chosen by the Great Heaven (God, our father) for the greatest event ever experienced by humanity. Each day for seventy days, an individual, male, or female from the seventy known divine nations of this globe will be chosen for what was shared in message as a Divine Council on earth. Upon completion of the seventy days, the Divine Council will consist of seventy members Chosen by God. They will not be given any knowledge that they have been selected. That knowledge will remain within their eternal souls until the day of their appointed day for this chosen knowledge will be only to God as to the time and place.

The question that arises immediately for every one of you is who are they? Well, there will be no politicians, ones in government leadership roles, or royalty because they will be Chosen by the nature of their hearts, spirit and soul as they embody the nature of unconditional love, disciples of truth, and an relinquished belief in the one true God that governs every breath, every heartbeat, every truth conceived in their lives. Therefore, neither royalty, social, political or one of authority ruling over humanity’s existence can expect to be chosen unless they completely abnegate their status (remember Matthew 11:21-26, it applies here also).

Consequently, you can be standing next to one of the chosen, a cashier in a grocery store, at a bus stop, at church, or even at work. Remember, the chosen ones will not have knowledge that they have been selected or what will be their role in God’s plan. All of these will be revealed to them at God’s time during the Divine Transformation. The caveat or what I call the light at the end of the tunnel is be watchful for royal societies to start coming apart, or political arenas and the players bickering back and forth over issues that contain nothing of value for the working (enslaved) society because a trait or aspect to contemplate as you wonder who these seventy individuals are is this, their lives encompass a unique caring attitude toward mankind. In short, these chosen individuals have cared for the needs of others in fields and occupations that go unnoticed by the majority of those they support their existence and view their efforts not as serving them but rather looks after such in the society in such caring manner that the heavens have taken notice and finds them worthy of such divine call.

When the time and hour arrives of their divine journey, the entire world will take notice and will come to the realization that a divine nature is within this planet, not as you have become aware or taught. In fact, these chosen ones will come from fields, camps, and areas you cannot imagine at this time with an unprecedented not universal but divine knowledge of what was, is and will be, the Divine Way, Truth, and Light. Does it sound familiar? Well, it will become the here and now during these unconventional times, they will convey to humanity that all three will become one attribute or virtue necessary to know and comprehend. Such divine disclosure will eradicate all previous dogma teachings and establish the new divine agenda for all of humanity and will be the chosen seventy ones that will propagate God’s divine wishes and desires. Will they be called prophets, disciples, mediums, or any other title you have become accustomed to hearing or interpreting? The answer is, no! Their roles cannot be uttered at this time by name. It must all be sensed from within the soul of each human being as it has been the call of the Light workers. It will remain a divine mystery but not to those who seek the Truth, the Light and the Way and encompassing into one divine manifestation. It is more than just recognizing its existence; it is necessary to become one with not only with God but with all that He created. Neither one of the three divine principles can exist separately. All three have a spiritual mutuality that has been difficult to comprehend and exercise by human nature. This has been a conflict since the Garden of Eden and is so prevalent in our lives today. If we had a small knowledge of what it entails, we will not have greed, jealousy, envy, or hatred in our existence, in fact the opposite is non-existence in our daily lives. It is based on these obscure aspects of God’s direct relationship toward another human being that discloses how far separated we have become not only from the True God (Peacemaker and Merciful) but among our society, our doctrines and even our fellow man. Such is the spiritual skewedness among us that today we are witnessing wars, social conflicts without any means to deter them. That is the reason Divine Intervention has been called upon today and the Divine after careful consideration has come to an agreement that humanity needs to confront its ill attitude toward each other. Thus, the time has come for a major Divine Intervention and for all the Light worker, Star Seeds, and Gaia’s Warriors that endured so much now see more than light at the end of tunnel. We see redemption!

In conclusion, the chosen seventy ones will be guides for a new earth. A new tradition and attitude will bring a joyous transition into higher ways of thinking in which unconditional love, peace, harmony, and abundance to supply to everyone will be made available without social constraints. In short, you are going to become divine children as it was the desire and wish of a great Creator when he created Adam and Eve. We still must pursue goodness and forgiveness before all said and done, and that is the journey that begins on January 1st, 2024, and will be at its divine summit by spring 2027. It is my hope that I will be here to see it all and rejoice that the divine murmuring and pleads of the cumulative society of Light workers, Star Seeds, and Gaia’s Warriors brought about a divine intervention. It will be a joyous occasion and I hope many of you can entertain the happiness these events will bring. More on this and the valuable concept of the numerical seventy has in the coming months of the year 2024 and into summer of 2025 because it will affect all of us in one way or another. It will be a perilous emotional journey for those that are unprepared but the ones that consult their souls will find the divine peace (essence) of the Great Source and exercise a constructive balance in their divine nature as humanity travels through the mine field of the year 2024.

I leave you with this thought, Truth is inevitable revealing and in today’s existence unavoidable no matter what disposition you are. Light is the essence of every truth; therefore, truth cannot exist or make its divine presence unless Light exists. And to reach mutuality of these two virtues, A Way must have existence. Both must inherit a divine purpose. Consequently, Truth, Light, and the Way are mutually exclusive. To have them separated or in disunity as our nation’s political and social arena is experiencing there cannot be harmony or peace and its disunity creates chaos, crisis after crisis until the house upon which a nation is built collapses. The fierce storm of deception and darkness the last three years has deteriorated the beach front of what truth means to the citizens of this nation, and not far behind it is the collapse of the house being washed away by the torrential waters of hypocrisy and deceptions eroding the pillars upon the house once it stood. Now, you can see why there is a great movement in the heavens to intervene before all that was once pristine and beautiful nation that trusted in God is about to be a memory in the annals of this country. But it is not only here but throughout the world the chaos affecting all the human nature has been revealed consequently, bringing a forgetfulness in our divine nature and in God. Once God no longer exists in the realm of The Truth, the Light and The Way as it was disclosed by Jesus (Jeshua) earth will cease to exist, and that will not be tolerated in the heavens. Now, you see the reason for the coming into our reality the God’s Light Chosen ones. Peace and love to endure! And so, it has been given! It shall be!