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Last Words

The last words, acts, and deeds of a loved one are the building principles we hold in our hearts and minds. Those last and fleeting moments are the ones that create the fondest memories and esteem for that person. How we cherish them throughout our lives is equivocally not only meaningful but also very significant in how we mold our lives without that person. This has never been more evident to me than now. As one who sat at deaths door, I reflected on every aspect of my life and what I would leave if I left. I came to one conclusion very fast; that it was not my time and there was more work to be done. 

It is for this reason, this particular article has come to me and I hope to you, my reader, a deeply emotional message. You will find within our Divine Father, Lord, and God a message along with guidance to a set of unprecedented steps we must take for the duration of 2024, although it may not seem to be real as we speak, it is as real as the ground you stand on. I share with you this message with anticipation and encouragement. It may become a burden of the heart but it is necessary to be disclosed. This message is different as it was given to me during my hospital stay while having a heart attack, which brought me awareness that otherwise I will not have been able to perceive the urgency of the message received. And for this I am grateful to God for not only His enlightenment but also His trust in this old soul and light warrior.

The message contained in this article was originally given a few days after Christmas 2023. I was preparing to write the second article referring to the seventy Chosen Ones selected to be the lighthouse for humanity during the period of adversity that lies ahead in the year 2024. These seventy chosen ones are to be known as the Saints and will possess the divine light, essence, and spark from The Great Source, God. Each of one of the the seventy ones will guide the one hundred selected , and those one hundred in turn will manifest the divinity, and purpose of God’s purpose to a thousand on all of this adversity, and in many aspects alongside of an atmosphere of absurdity creating emotional chaos to all of humanity. It will be real!

Sometimes the question is asked, why listen to predictions or messages that bring gloom, and doom when the current reality does not seem to warrant such an outcome. A great many people have experienced this attitude. The Holy Scriptures are filled with such mentality in which people did not want to accept the words whether from a saint, a prophet, or wise man. We can attest to be true of this mentality from Noah to the Enlightened Ones of the past century. Such is what lies ahead from April to October of 2024. By May 2024, there will be people expressing their desire to have their disaccord realities be done away with because their materialistic attitudes will keep them shackled, and in many instances confused, and irrational. At times humanity, in this case America, will seem to be riding on a ship of afflictions.

The first events will be starting around April 4th 2024, four days before the lunar eclipse that will traverse across our nation, and will seem harmless at first, just requiring very little of your attention, even though we can already recognize the current adversity, and confusion driven not only in the political arena but also the social one. This malevolent season of Spring, let’s call it the portrait of absurdity because it will contain nothing but ill and malevolent allegations, absurd news content, dark disclosures, and even macabre ideology to derail your spiritual state. Oh yes, it seems that our nation will take the blunt of a political syndrome that will create enormous separation among us. It will begin as nothing more than political riddles, and treasure hunting for truths scenarios. However, all will have for intent to deceive, and compel for you to take sides. The idea behind spring of 2024 is to prep you for a more decisive stand as to whom you will listen to, and to whom you will offer your loyalty, and alliance. The paradigm of the spring of 2024 is to begin to train your cognitive principles to be unable to distinguish between a real truth, and the made-up truth.

You will be required to have emotional, and spiritual endurance, and courage to maintain a harmonious platform. The principles of adversities will be as real as the air you breathe, especially when from the left, and right fields absurdities will be a weekly reckoning creating an emotional imbalance, and some instances jeopardizing your individuality. It will be a simple cause, and effect scenario, and the culprits behind these adversities are relying immensely in your individual consciousness flow at first through the news media, entertainment, Social networking all seeking imbalance within your daily life activities. For so many throughout the world, it will be the spring of 2024 as a roller coaster in which the ride may seem not to end.

Of making many disclosures from spring, and throughout summer of 2024, there will be no end to the antagonistic attitude throughout the political arena because the November election of 2024 which, in my estimate, based on what has been seen as a potential outcome may be postponed to a later period. Some media outlets are busy encapsulating a process to keep President Trump from ascending to the presidency, and since the nation’s people are fed up with the current president, and there is a substantial evidence that the desire approach is for the current leader of this nation to continue his subversive approach to bring down the house down, sort of speaking, it seems all acts, words, principles are being applied toward hopefully a successful endeavor, and outcome. That is why as I witnessed in the meditative message after Christmas that all factors, and variable have been discussed, modeled, and even put into place. Much will depend in the conscience of the American people at the time of each adversity rises. Of course, as the adversities become more, and more complex, the absurdities infiltrating our nation’s mass conscience environment will become more confusing, and in many cases undertaking a sense of helplessness, and loss of hopeless that will spread like wild fire among the people. But be certain that is the central idea, and plan of the ones behind this undertaking. Simply putting it, Rome had its Nero; America has it too in 2024!

Now that I have shared the narrative, it is time for the guidelines. However, I realize that this message received has an undeniable importance, and a Herculean task in convincing the public that months ahead are going to be Portraits of Adversities in which our conscience will be put to the test. It is no longer a battle between dark, and light, or good, and evil but a Clash of Titans with different ideologies and mentalities at work, and the public is no more than pawns of a game of political and suicidal chest. In some respect, there has to be a decisive outcome in which an emotional carnage can take place on either side of arena because the decisive outcome is in the hands of every single American citizen, and if this is true, then the one with the greatest disguised, and illustrious lies will survive the conscience clash rendered by the actions of its supporters. All these, may sound like a Greek tragedy but it is not far from the truth because every conscience by November 2024 is required to choose , and it will be dependent not in what is best for the nation but by their ego. It will be this imbalance that the message emphasized must be averted. Altogether, the Portrait of Adversity before us is very real, and all of humanity must, and will not only experience it but dwell in its reality, unless you can fight the persuasive atmosphere in which our daily lives will be confronted with, and overcome the expected impulses we are all going to endure. It is not the strong one that will survive or be triumphant but the wise one.

It is therefore, the guidelines that will help you to adhere to the notion that you must trust God wholeheartedly. There will be no room for a middle stand. Either, you will trust God with your heart or not! Why must I trust God so blindly you may contemplate since you assume that you already trust him throughout your daily lives, however, now it is all very different since it is not an ideology that is at stakes but rather a world in which brings God to be the center of the universe for all of humanity rather than just a few as we have done for over two thousand years. Oh yes, it is very different this time! Two thousand years ago it was just one nation, one people, but today we are talking a planet size, and all its inhabitant will have to choose. No middle of the road commitment as we have made to believe has to be.

Consequently, a set of guidelines or rules when applicable cannot be successful unless one has a commitment to see it through, and that is most crucial aspect of the message received. Guideline 1, recognize that things you perceive, and experiencing are not the best can be. That there is always a better way no matter your mind tells it to be which brings us to the second guidelines, trust your heart! You have dwelt for thousands of years in what your mind thought it was the best for your survival , and exiled your heart to a faraway placed , and prisoned it from which there will not be an escape. In doing so, others could control your thoughts, actions, and desires at their free will. Intuition became a foreign word, in fact, I can assure you have no idea how does exist, and how it can assist you for the next months of 2024. That is how strange intuition is to you right now. However, it is within your reach if you seek comfort in your heart as it will be necessary to adhere to during the months remaining of 2024 because it will not only, the political atrocities conceptualized to take place but also our social integrity has decayed , and a bandage as preventive measure will not suffice. Your principles of democracy, patriotism, honor, and duty all will be in question as the coliseum for freedom, and liberty is in danger of collapsing. You will witness energies flows coming from all level, and directions acting upon your emotional, and spiritual principles, all with one major emphasis, distracting you from God’s principles. In fact, you will approach God by questioning the nature of all what you will consider being ungodly. Oh, yes many of you will seek spiritual comfort, and understanding from your place of worship but according to the message the feedback received may not satisfy your quandary, therefore more ambivalence into your lives will surface until the Chosen Ones will enter the picture, and begin to emphasize the trust, and beliefs in the God that is creating it all for you to rise, and conquer the fears, and finally endeavor all of your love toward peace, and love. Not only among those around you but across the whole globe. And that is guideline three!

Of course, guideline four, it is synonymous to guideline three except is toward your neighbor, always to be truthful to your neighbor in your dealings with him, simply always use truth as the support element of your beliefs (Zechariah 8:16). It is not only to love God with all of your heart , and might, and listen not to the ones that asked to differ from it but it across the span of every living human being (Deuteronomy 13:3). However, if you analyze the status of our comradeship among humans, we are oceans apart, and yet a guideline seems to indicate that we must be united to achieve the holiness, and harmony the guideline mandates. Still, it is achievable if all of efforts are in bringing peace to the world without of dogmas interfering. The message implies that efforts must be taken to bring this unity into fruition. If not through a world calamity or catastrophe we can be brought to harmonize our hearts, and beliefs, and this brings me to guideline five.

Guideline five refers to the month of June and July of 2024 in which due to dense, and highly levels of energies acting upon the earth, natural effects will be predominantly appearing , and exercising muscles causing devastation , and tragedies, this I showed to be referred as, Period of Purification. You will find that is similar to the Native Americans who have been sharing their prophecies of a purification of Mother Earth. I agree that the scenario shared depicts purification through water, and fire. I feel that major natural effects relating to water will emerge during the summer, and fall season. It was depicted as a Portrait of Sorrows. I also, feel that the element of earth may enter the picture around September during the end of summer, and beginning of autumn. In the message, it denotes that earth element will be the last element to activate that can add to the Portrait of Sorrow but its dependent activity may be in the level of harmonious conscience humanity expressed, after all, according to all of the various inputs from mediums, shamans, psychics, and science people, Mother Earth is about either sneeze or cough , and it can cause a serious deadly earthquake, a volcanic eruption causing chaos around the world, and even a pole shift in which it could more than sorrowful but literally, unprecedented. In fact, any one of this scenario can bring humanity to its knee, however a combination of either two of them or all of them acting upon our planet can be well, catastrophic!

Therefore, it is imperative that we harmonize our ideologies as soon as we can. I think, God is expecting for us, the one with the free will to exercise restraint, and begin the arduous journey to peace, love, and harmony, to at least begin to provide for the less fortunate without any conditions or laws but rather show compassion, and a caring attitude. To do this we will have to become less greedy, less egotistic, and less selfish. At least, it will be a beginning however a stage of consciousness transformation will be necessary, and as you have noticed; our country is far away from the principle of unification or sympathy. It is because of the mentality, and sense of ego indulgence we; America has to endure one Anxious Spring, a Hellish Summer, and Unpredictable Fall. In either case, from April 4th, 2024 through October 31st, 2024, we are going to be on hell of a ride! You will remember the beginning Thursday day of April 4th to the October 31st final Thursday. For those that like to work with numbers, there are 210 days from April 4th to October 31st. Four months are 31 days and two are 30 days and one 26.

Immediately, let’s begin to assess our place in all that is to come. Are we going to sympathize with the on-going imbalance we are enduring with the leadership of this nation or are we to initiate a conscience effort to bring decency, and a sense of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or shall we conform to the present endeavor? If the answer is yes, then begin by recognizing that a greater hand at all of these yet to be is conducted by a Great Source, a loving, and caring God that favors all of us. If you think the status-quo is your preference, then respect the ideals of others, and do not resolve to influence then through fears, despotic attitudes, or condemnation. In all of the cases, God seeks love, peace, and harmony. If we resent each other, then be prepared to accommodate unpleasant situations that will warrant your thoughts, your fears, and your peace. It begins from every one of us to investigate for ourselves what God will require from all of us, and somehow dwell more deeply into this exhaustible syndrome has, is , and may be continue experiencing unless the revelations God is offering concerning Him as the Creator but also the Supreme Judge of the Universe. That is the quandary where all begins, do we rise, and reach for the hands of the Great Source, God or we extend to hands of hypocrisy, greed , and jealousy that denied us the emotional happiness , and recognize that we are more than just humans, for we are magnificent , and divine in nature! Therefore, it is time to amend our ways expeditiously, and return to the Creator of all living things. He awaits my friends! Remember to overcome the anxiety, and anguish the spring of 2024 brings, and then be steadfast, strong, as well as harmonious with all that you are for summer of 2024 will test you merciless. And when these two have passed, let not your guard down for fall of 2024 holds the last word, and the chapter that reflects your enduring saga! Peace, love, and harmony are the tools for 2024.