The Time Has Arrived to Start Believing

Part II

Redemption of America

The prudent man sees danger, and takes refuge, but the simple keep going, and pay the penalty.” (Proverbs 27:12).

It is amazing that two years ago, I published two articles in the describing the months of October, and November of 2021 as ones for the Record Book. Greetings my beloved friends, and readers. It is with astonishment that the events of this October are taking place at such speed that it may seem that you have had hardly the time to digest it in what is drastically affecting not only your daily life but others as well. You may recognize that the events occurred simultaneously or in noticeably short intervals creating confusion. Well, that is what October, and November 2023 will bring.

All the light has either faded, or it may disappear from the concepts of our realities. We are in a vicious cycle of crisis after crisis. Not only in what affects our homes, our jobs, but all things that are socially and economically relevant to a happy life. This chaos that we all are witnessing around our communities, our nation, and recently, throughout the world are taking their toll on our conscience, and it is natural to feel frustrated, experience anxiety, and tormented anguish when you consider that in many cases you have no control over it. These ambivalences are what create emotional desperation in people’s lives. In some instances, you may seek comfort, at least in a spiritual word, but you may find it to be hollow at times. All of these are the qualities of a changing world, and mind.

In all that is taking place around us, especially from October 15 through December 31st of 2023, are messages with celestial meaning. It may seem to some of you unbelievable, to some ridiculous, and to others pure nonsense. But I can assure you that all that is taking place is real as prophesied, foretold, and warned by beings that had the best interests in humanity. Oh yes, all that you see, hear, and contemplate is real. Now, the impact, the effect that has on each one of us is dependent on the harmony, balance of our emotions, and our cognitive principle, consciousness. What may differ within each of us depends on three levels of emotions. These three levels are dependent on our beliefs, trust, and most important, what truth means to you. It may surprise you to find out that no two people hold the same truth. The solemn truth we all look for is elusive to say the least. Its nature is dependent in many cases on having an open mind to what is the truth. Here is a simple example of how a simple truth can be an overwhelming obstacle for humanity. Five hundred years ago a large population of humanity believed the earth was flat, only an exceedingly small percentage thought otherwise. Similarly, many believed the earth was the center of the universe, and everything rotated around the earth. Again, a small number of individuals opposed such an ideology, and you read what happened to them. However, today we know the earth is not flat nor is it the center of the universe. Still, the truth of humanity, and earth does not end here. In fact, it goes far beyond the knowledge of what I just outlined.

We are now during disclosures, discoveries, and much more. The interests in all that is taking place are in the core of conscience in what we want, need, and must know about ourselves, about humanity’s purpose, and divine path. I know it feels that we are in the never-ending cycle of absurd chaos, anguish driven confusion, and sadly, a loss of integrity, and justice. It seems as if the power of dark forces is driving all things as depicted in a well-known movie trilogy, except that we are seeing the real calamities, and their impact not only in our daily lives but also our psyche. If you are not experiencing these factors, I will assure you by the middle of the year 2024 you will be experiencing what some of us are currently experiencing because of the frequencies and energies affecting the earth. This is not a story. It is as real as I can provide. As I mentioned above, October 15th through December 31, 2023, will be known as the seventy-eight days of the spiritual asylum in which some in humanity will seek protection granted by spiritual organization, and by social agencies as the unfolding geopolitical, social, and economic worsen, and in many cases affecting the populace. These events will create psychological distresses as well as physical discomforts.

Consequently, these episodes of political, social, and economic crisis will create an easiness not seen since War World II, it will engulf, affect, not only our nation but also the whole planet. These events will also create three distinctive personalities. They will be dependent on your style of living, your mental, and emotional stability, and above all the purity, genuine, of your conscience as the driving force of your thoughts. The principles of 1) calm, and collected, 2) perturbed, on pins, and needles, 3) apathy, loss of social, emotional virtues, not caring about other people’s problems, are going to be the prevalent mentalities, personalities, you will find throughout the last days of 2023, however through 2024, and into Spring of 2025, we will experience these three diverse personalities. Based on each individual opinion, background, and in some cases spiritual stance, most of us will recognize who is affected by the on-going episodes of the period.

Meanwhile, focusing on the present time, and current events not only in our nation but throughout the world, most of us are depicting a sense of Apathetic Moods. We are living in America, as I speak in a state of indifference. These indifferent moods will slowly diminish as we enter 2024 and will finally no longer exist by the end of 2025. Why, would you ask that we are a nation with an apathetic mood? Well, since November 2019, we have been displaced in this lack of feeling, interest, or any particular concern for justice, or concern about a specific situation, or worse yet, life in general. It has been in slumber, and not waking up. What is more prevalent is that we, our nation’s people, have found themselves to be in an indifferent mood about political and social virtues that once were of much interest to all of us. It has become easy to shrug off disappointment or not be bothered. It is as if America has suppressed their emotions, and ideals, and sense of purpose. For a country that was built on the ideals of fighting for freedom, and virtues of greatness, we have detached from the ideals or ancestors, and descendants fought vigorously for its existence. It was a time when every corner of this beloved nation saw the optimization of one’s potential for both social and intellectual growth. So, should we not ask today, where did it all go in 2023?

Therefore, we are at the crossroad of choices. I am certain that most of you would consider the thought that something is wrong with our nation’s democracy. We can attest that the once virtuous justice, the one that once held, and showed high moral standards of justice for all Americans is now, well in complete disarray, and mistrust by the American people. The era of Biden shall one day be labeled as not only the worst in this nation’s history but he, chaotic one. 

It is terribly sad to see and recognize that something could have been done but as it is in the proverbial, there is nothing that could have been done, is what is in most of the nation’s people. Yet, consider today. Is there truly nothing that can be done today? How did our nation’s fathers execute the rules and regulations that made this nation great? They stood together, they believed in each other, but above all things, they believed in a better future for everyone, not just the selected ones as is done today in Washington, D.C. They knew the consequences of going against the elites of their time. We, for example, cross our arms in disinterest, and keep the idea that there is nothing anyone can do. Well, next time you feel that there is nothing you can do, consider the simple things that you can manifest your God given right to choose for the better. Things you can do in your home, your community, and for the nation. The primordial privilege you have, no choice, is to remove the ones that are supposed to look after the wellbeing of the citizens. It would be favorable to remove them all, however the majority should be. They have enriched themselves by supporting individuals, agencies, and organizations that favor them, not you! Second, no longer choose individuals of a specific party but rather in consensus manner choose two individuals, a man, and woman to represent the state. No longer have a congress, and a senate. These two terms, and functionalities are no longer part of the original intent of the nation’s fathers; therefore, a novel option is to set up a Council governing specific areas benefiting not only our nation but the whole planet. It is just an idea, but I can assure you that by the year 2040 this concept will be a reality worldwide.

Conclusively, there is much you can do individually. You have the power to redeem the United States of America to the honorable, and prestigious position the nation’s father saw as the ultimate country. They lived in a tyrannical world. In some manners, we too are living under similar conditions. They had the pen for a weapon, for us today it is the vote. Make every one of them count. Let not the feelings that would help me or the few but what merits care, love, understanding, and the well-being of all the children on this earth, which cannot speak for their future. Our ancestors did this for us, it is time now to do the same for our children and our children’s children’s future. There is much at stake as we speak. The year 2024 will soon be above the horizon, and behind it, years that will require much scrutiny, and decisiveness for every single American. The apathy we have today must be eradicated, and substitute it with sympathy, caring attitudes, and above all compassionate love because as it is today, we are two steps from a precipice from which if not avoided, it can drastically change our existence.

We are not only at the crossroads of destiny to choose for ourselves but also at the crossroad in which we must choose a path for our beloved nation. Call it the road of exaltation. In the knowledge of the spirit, prayers, and believe in the Greater Source God is the beginning for America’s redemption. Take a moment each day to present to the Universe the extreme feeling of happiness you recognized that your feet stand on a sacred ground in which the memories, and experiences of many before you devoted, and died to establish a supreme nation, and honored it with sweat, tears, and blood. They did their enthusiastic part, now is our turn to not only keep, and safeguard it for the generations to come. Start today to begin to believe in a greater purpose. It is time for all inhabitants of this planet to recognize that this is the only place to survive, and there is no other place to conquer, if the earth suffers, so do we. Peace, love, and endure with God’s grace, and love!