Shouldering Peace and Justice

The New Citizens

“And then those who had seized Jesus led him to Caiaphas the High Priest, where the scribes and the elders had gathered!” (Matthew 26:57)“And as soon as he knew that he belonged unto Herod’s jurisdiction , he sent Him to Herod, who himself also was at Jerusalem at that time”(Luke 23:7) “And when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceeding glad, for he was desirous to see him of a long season because he had heard many things of him; and he hoped to have seen miracle done by him”(Luke 23:8) “And Herod with his men of war set him at nought and mocked him, and arrayed him in a gorgeous robe, and sent him again to Pilate.”(Luke 23:11). “And the chief priests accused him of many things but he answered nothing” (Mark 15:3) “And Pilate asked him again, answerest thou nothing? Behold many things they witness against thee. But Jesus yet answered nothing; so that Pilate marveled” (Mark 15:3-5).
You may be thinking what these three encounters of Jesus with the authorities of his time have to do with the title above. Those who know me and the ones that have been reading my articles for a while now know that I quote the Holy Scriptures to substantiate the words of the message received, and this article is no different, except that all three passages have much to do with the approaching three judgments of the year 2024. The title of the article says it all: a storm is coming and it has the name Infamy written all over it.
I wish I could paint a pretty picture of what has been shared with me and what I will now share with you. But the reality is that the name of the storm is very much appropriate to what is within the storm, and what should be in every human heart as each one of us experiences the stormy event as it unfolds right before our own eyes. In bold terms, expect the unexpected.
I struggled with my thoughts the morning after receiving this message. It brought memories of words I previously expressed in my novel, God’s Chosen Ones, in which Michael has been instructed by God to prepare the Chosen Ones for the end of a time and prepare them for a monumental task as our society spirals down into crime, drunkenness, and chaos, while approaching a horrible end. I wrote about the possibility of this scenario back in 1982 as it was shown to me, and to be here in the year 2024 revealing a similar scenario for the second time is no coincidence but an opportunity to witness a reemphasizing, a fact of concern for all of us of what lies ahead. This is divine influence and intervention with a spiritual purpose worthy of much attention.
In the novel, I outlined the events foretold by the heavenly authority to take place at a later date in humanity’s history. Originally I described it as the wrath of God. However, if I could now define both messages received, I would define it more to be not a wrath but a divine action saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil wrong doings, a sort of an urgently needed redemption for humanity. In short, a divine opportunity of regaining, or in some cases, gaining divine status once lost in exchange for restituting humanity’s love toward God, like clearing a debt that once faltered at the Garden of Eden, which back then was more than an unattractive act, but regarded more now of a type of insolence which we have endured for millennia not only toward the Source Creator but toward each other. But it has become much worse in modern times as we foster rudeness, impertinence, and even insolence which we see each day. We embraced it in our impoliteness of close loved ones as well as strangers. Simply, our society has and is showing a lack of respect for other people and even to God we have become equally disrespectful and insolent in our devotion to Him. Thus, the storm that is at our doorstep has these traits I just mentioned, but it possess much more than castigation but its divine purpose of which every single human will experience during their existence, a sense of an inner or spiritual repentance. However, to understand it we must return to the three above passages found in the Bible, because they are not only the core of what is to take place in the year 2024 and into 2025, but are the integral part of this opportunity for human redemption.
Thus, what is the significance of the biblical passages outlined above? We must understand first the significance of each as it applies to our time. I want you to observe that during Yeshua (Jesus) tribunal before the ancient courts of justice of his time he faced a judge or authority that had a seat from which made judgments and from which pronounced sentences. Jesus witnessed this and in addition was confronted with a variety, not only distorted arguments but also falsified ones with one sole purpose, to eradicate his existence. In today’s system, similarly we have a seat or bench for a judge or judges to conduct their official business. We know from the Holy Scriptures, this was a position of tremendous authority clearly depicted during Jesus tribunal as it is today for any person before a judgment.
He stood before Caiaphas, the elders, and the Sanhedrin representatives to hear the motives of his capture; it was customary to bring those that infringe in the order and authority of the Sanhedrin. Later we are told that after much discussion and confrontation there was no resolve or outcome in Jesus favor. He is then brought by a group of elite Sanhedrin elders and scribes before Pilate who entertains the presence of an abused man before him. However, the Bible tells us that Jesus, by order of Pilate, is immediately sent to Herod where he is again ridiculed, mocked, and suffered physical abuse with a not so favorable physical outcome. After, Herod refused to condemn Jesus, for reasons I believe, because he must have thought that beheading Jesus, as he did John the Baptist, would not be in his favor and could be detrimental to his authority and the region he governed. Consequently, the failure to have Jesus executed by Herod infuriated the scribes and those that Caiaphas ordered to accompany Jesus to ensure that he was condemned. Instead he is returned to Pilate for sentencing and of course death by crucifixion.
How does this important historical event, having to do with the acts of ancient authorities, reveal the purpose of the infamous storm before not only in our nation but also globally? The role of these authorities regarding justice is the core of the upcoming storm as revealed. Jesus confronted three systems of authority. One was the Sanhedrin with Caiaphas being the judge, the ruler alongside of his scribes and elders. The next authority was Herod who was the tetrarch (ruler) of a minor principality of Galilee in northern Palestine, east of the Jordan River, which was a Roman territory. He ruled throughout Jesus ministry and was influential in the beheading of John, the Baptist, who was Jesus cousin. Finally, the most vital, or at least, the one with the most power to conduct severe punishments, by decree, such a crucifixion, was the Roman Governor who was the ultimate authority in Jesus trial, Pontius Pilate. Thus, we can clearly see that during Jesus time, these three courts of authority existed and each emerged with powers to decide the lives of people.
Your question right now should be what does that have to do with the upcoming storm? Well, it has to do much with it because just as these three ancient authorities exercised injustice, violation of the right or the rights of an individual, being unfair, and bringing unjust acts so prevalent toward others mirrors a present system in this nation. This was the atmosphere of injustice that Jesus confronted during his trials of all three of the authorities of his time. The authorities were corrupted and exercised discrimination and bias which was so prevalent and so clearly in Jesus trial. Simply, the odds were stacked against Jesus and as we know from the Bible he was not only treated unfairly but subjugated to grave physical abuse beyond human comprehension.
Consequently, it seems that in the time of Jesus, social norms were applicable to chosen few; however biases and stereotypes perpetuated social injustice throughout the ancient world, especially in Judea. In fact prejudice was rampant throughout the land and in Jesus three confrontations with the authorities; we can observe it was a tool often used. It was so bluntly used that it was of a common usage not only in the Sanhedrin but on all three ranks.
Therefore we can see that unfairness as it was back then and compared with our current state of justice you can almost, if not exactly, recognized the same ancient attributes are being presently conducted in 2024 in collaboration with deceitful and unfair practices to condemn an individual from activities regardless of fairness or truth. So far, it is my hope you can begin to start figuring that our current system of justice mirrors the ancient authoritarian justice in which Jesus experienced. Let me put it into perspective. First, we know through the passages of the Bible that Jesus was betrayed for monetary reward, thirty pieces of silver. We know that a betrayer as well as a group of individuals, seeking to end the existence of an innocent man, all he did was bring a sense of dignity to an oppressed people by unscrupulous authorities, simply a man who saw God in everyone, a man that raise a man from the dead, feed thousands of people with some fish and bread. He also healed the sick and was devoted to peaceful means. So why was he condemned? Because he did not conform, or desired to become like one of them, and disrupt or destroy an authoritarian systems deep rooted in corruption and the common people’s oppression.
It is this first authority for justice, the Sanhedrin, which plotted Jesus demise but could not execute him. This mirrors a present court system for us. And as it was customary back then, the Sanhedrin, as the people’s greater authority, was also our lower courts. Herod, who could execute Jesus, either by hanging or decapitating him, but decided against either. Thus, enter the second authority for justice, to determine whether his guilt and the sentence. Today that system mirrors our Court of Appeals, which takes in to consideration whether to reconcile truth versus allegations by hearing witnesses for either party offer their testimony. However in Jesus case the system did allow for witnesses to offer testimony on his behalf but rather, the authorities sought to insult, defame, and ridicule the accused, Jesus. It was a dark period for humanity that night as injustice reigned supreme and it all seemed like a game of authoritarian power among three judiciary entities, or systems, which supposedly adjudicates disputes or disagreements defending an accused person. In Jesus horrifying night, it was non-existent.
Consequently, unable to condemn Jesus, he is then brought to the third authority of justice, the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, who becomes the final authority in Jesus fate. Similarly, our system of justice is as authoritarian as it was the one in Judea. For the Sanhedrin, we have the Congress with elders and scribes known to us as representatives. They have authority to enact laws and ordinances just as the Sanhedrin did. In fact, just as the elders and scribes argued among themselves over issues of power and doctrine benefiting the elites and not the populace, our Congress is argumentative in all aspects that benefits their personal agendas and in many instances it has nothing to do with the wellbeing of the citizens that elected them. This year 2024, according to the message received, the 118th congress will disclose in the months to come to be one with many corrupted representatives. In addition to being an unstable institution we have ever experienced and it will not change unless the voters finally say, enough is enough and place in their seat new progressive representatives with modern ideologies that advocate for the people that elected them. The coming Storm, Infamy, has the purpose to bring into the light shadowy and dark corridors in which decisions were made without regard to the wellbeing of Americans. However, to support the words I was given Psalm 118, which coincidentally corresponds to the present congress. Simply, it is the Psalm that encompasses mercy and it will be made known during the April 2024 to March 2025 period in which, according to the message, this will constitute the period in which all of the citizens of our beloved nation will seek God’s bountiful mercy as dark disclosures ensue on our daily lives. It will not only be a time for all humans to seek mercy but it also corresponds to seek repentance from mischievous deeds, and in some cases grave dark deeds against the global population. But as I write this article, it is my desire that you read Psalm 118, especially verses 20 thru 24. The core of the coming storm is found in verse 23.
There are many similarities in our system of justice and I hope you begin to see it by now. Congress is our Legislative branch and synonymous with the Sanhedrin’s role during Jesus times. Secondly, we find that the second authority to exercise justice in Jesus times was Herod, which Jesus stood before and came close to being either hung or decapitated, if Herod wanted but it was not to be so. In comparison, our present judicial system is the second authority with the power to exercise justice and mirrors Herod’s authoritarian justice system. Judges decide the welfare of citizens. Lately, our judicial system is less than fair, as we have observed from all the various trials stemming from conspiracy efforts that cannot be substantiated concretely, but are created to mirror such illicit activities. Jesus faced much of this and even the elders brought, so called witnesses, to bring deceitful and untruthful statements to substantiate or to at least give the impression that the man standing before them was guilt and worthy of elimination, and it is noted throughout the various cases in 2024 of an abusive authority system compelled to seek right when there have been no wrong. Sound familiar?
Thirdly, the most crucial of them all is the Roman power throughout Judea, the one capable of exercising the desires of the other two lower authorities as we have become aware of Jesus demise at the hands of the Roman authorities. In our current systems, the third is made of the Supreme Court. It is the one of nine judges. It is the final authority of the land, and so was the Roman governship throughout Judea, and it was the influential authority in exercising Jesus judgments. Similarly, our Supreme Court does conduct similar decisions in which their decisions are the final decisions. Hopefully you can begin to see the role each authority plays in our modern world and their absolute power members of these authoritative groups possess. I am discussing our justice system because these are critical and influential areas in which the storm that is coming will be most active, exercising judgments over it with disclosures throughout. It will be such spectrum that will baffle the mind of this nation’s citizens. It may seem almost ridiculous to some of you that a divine storm would be most preoccupied with a set of justice systems when there are more important and dire areas such as wars, pestilence and deaths. Yet, the storm will embrace all of them, I assure you of this but it has, for importance, an eminent purpose to eradicate injustice and establish a system of justice for all of Earth’s citizens. As it stands right now, our system of justice is in dire need to be brought to its original intent as viewed by our constitution. But the abuse of power is not only on the three levels of judicial authority but equally demise to the approaching storm is the judgment in what was depicted as the head of a beast influencing all three authorities mentioned to conduct injustice, perversion, and even condemnation, the nation’s Executive Branch will also be severely judged in its entirety for deplorable acts toward its citizens but also for issues affecting the global mass. Again, expect the unexpected!
However, as it is the noble and merciful nature of God as it was with Jesus toward the conspirators of his demise, so does the message explicitly extended that we, the people must pray for the souls of all of those to be brought to justice by the divine through this upcoming storm which was named, Infamy, due to the nature of what has taken place, not only in our nation but throughout the world. It is already being made well known to the ascended light workers and those that have been awakened that there is in America a group of citizens that have created and are exercising a state of injustice with deceitful qualities and deeds. This, according to the message received, in a manner of speaking is disgraceful and in many instances dishonorable to the nation’s forefathers that conceptualized in their state of the union for this country a suffering loss, and whether we wish to accept it or not, we are not only dishonoring all of those that signed the declaration of independence with our injustice system shrouded in a garment exhibiting ideals approaching as democratic entities when it is not a nation under God’s guidance and substance but self-interested.
I can assure you that today’s action of our justice system, including our Executive Branch, maintained notoriety for not only exceeding their roles but exceeding beyond shame. And it is these and other related scenarios in which injustice are being conducted that it will be brought to light in the year 2024 throughout March 2015. Prudency is almost non-existent in our society and sadly finding a prudent individual that can consciously exercise judgment on behalf of the wellbeing of others and themselves is almost nonexistent. However, consider this, there is one individual currently that demonstrates a valid intent to make the citizens of this nation to be the sovereign authority however is experiencing the atmosphere of an injustice system, and in some characteristics, the demeanor of those exercising injustice is being influential in strengthening an already dysfunctional system.
It is through this and other factors in which humanity has gone astray but most of all, our stand before God has not only taken a back seat but we, humanity, have taken God out of the equation. It is this global opinion and attitude that the violent spiritual storm that is at our doorstep will not only shake our shores and the steps of our own homes but also every path, person, or organization that has actively sequestrated our freedom and equally kept God from our reach by centering us as the source of all things. It may seem to most of you that how can that be possible when deep in your heart you feel, and convey as often as you can, that God is in the midst of your thoughts and intentions. The question I pose to you is this one then, why is there a storm coming then? There must be a reason for a divine spiritually driven storm approaching our shores, right? There has to be a valid reason. The answer is within you and your soul, not your consciousness that alters your reality and more often than not, your ego exercises rulership and domain, thus there is merit on the storm coming. Individually one may not be affected but as a community or nation we will find ourselves involved whether we care or not. Therefore not only the strong can endure the storm but also the fearless. These are the two must vital virtues to endure. It will affect every corner of this nation. Immunity will not be a inherit toll to bypass the journey, not unless you decide to depart before all is to be, and some individuals will submit to a departure. However, the storm will not alter its path or remove itself from us. It will stand firm and we all will be participants whether we like it or not.
The truth is this. We brought upon ourselves this divine driven storm. Some would express emotional feelings of acceptance and endure its effect bravely whereas others will seek refuge in others opinions exuberating their emotional instability. Finally, others will attest that there is a warranted need for a humanity adjustment toward our God as it was perceived by the fathers of this nation, and may evoked their inner feelings in various citizenship forms, however seek from all of us prayers, absolution, and forgiveness. Yes, even I was instructed to ally myself with many other God fearing individuals and avoid the ones that work in the shadows of ill deeds, especially those that will be frightened and terrorized by the awareness of their wrong doings, not only toward the citizens of this planet but also toward the heavens.
In fact, I may add an anecdote herewith. Be cognizant that further complex democratic establishment you are now experiencing today, by the year 2040 will no longer exist but rather a completely new government made of councils will emerge by the desires of the young people, that tomorrow will be the new leaders and their point of view will be for a better Earth, an Earth in which wars and world conflicts would no longer exist and authorities of justice will be replaced by mindful individuals with peaceful and fairness in mind. It is the mission of the storm named, Infamy to set the cornerstone for a new America and a world of peace and prosperity.
Therefore, whatever you will hear throughout the year 2024 and into 2025, remember this, be strong and be fearless. Focus on the immediate needs your spirit and soul can provide. Let not your conscience dictate what is to be truth and what is to be deceitfulness. Your emotional state will be put to the test; I can assure you of this. However remain loyal, not to an old tradition but as you are invited to feel a new inner discernment of a new dogma or an area of spiritual interest, let your spirit and soul guide you. Through them you will find strength and security to overcome the bombardment of the deceptive world under emotional duress resulting from nature’s dramas throughout the world, especially here in our nation’s land. For it has been decreed that not only our nation is in immediate need of a radical change but also the world is urgently in need of radical transformation, and with the cooperation of the four elements, Gaia, our Earth, will be affected for a greater peaceful and striving for greatness.
Our children will be living in a world in which consideration and the pursuit of happiness will be the moral standards for their daily lives. The doings of us, the old ones, has left a legacy of greed, selfishness, and injustice that will no longer emanate in their society. That is the purpose of this political, social, and economic severe storm of 2024 and 2025. Effects worldwide will last beyond the year 2030. Additionally, by then neither will there be presidential corrupted elections nor will there be representatives with influential greed and motives. All is gone by the year 2040; in fact our Earth, known as the Pearl of the Galaxy, will encompass this and much more then.
Therefore, set your emotions toward peaceful and nurturing times ahead. Participate in bringing to your life the spirit of divine encounters by seeking not only God’s goodness when you are in an urgent need, but relate to Him about all the things you are grateful for and coincidentally express how blessed you are to be here at this time during this divine transformation. But above all things, love His nature far from just prayers and doing good deeds, you must also, from the deepest regions of your soul and spirit, become a partner with God to look after all that He created that not only supports your existence but become the creator He believes you can be. Simply, take care devoutly of the nature that surrounds you and be that caretaker of His creations because that is the spirit of young children today that will exercise the new Earth’s existence for they will be cognizant that this Earth (Gaia) is the only place they got and much care and attention she deserves to have whereas they will see our planet as resource entity, our children see Gaia as a living being, worthy of love and nurturing attitude. And that is the ultimate purpose of the coming Storm Infamy, to transform what was abused in all aspects of a demoralized humanity to one of a living Earth filled of splendor and beauty. So, be strong, fearless, and be a contributor to change what can be changed in all aspects of our demoralized society, of this nation, and then we can assist other nations through the same peaceful means because that is the cause our children will exercise and contemplate to make their lives successful.
My final thought, expect the unexpected. And so it shall be for it has been written and it shall be done! Peace and love to all of to endure!