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The Great Awakening

The Jerusalem Assembly

October 10, 2019 “The Great Awakening” by Ruben D. Garcia

Greetings, my beloved fellow light friends and compatriots. Ever since 1987 when I was revising the final draft of my novel, God’s Chosen Ones, I eagerly waited for this unprecedented moment in human history, “The Great Awakening”. It is not by coincidence that you are reading this article but by a predestined purpose. In the novel God’s Chosen Ones, this human awakening of consciousness I described to be one of a high spiritual awareness in who God was and God’s purpose for mankind on this earth. I described a spiritual rise from a mundane world of mischiefs, alter egos and disobedience that God Himself sought the assistance of Michael, His devoted archangel to come in the format of a human being and bring the news of God’s favorable and unfavorable view of mankind and of those individuals that God sought to be worthy of His love and rewarded for such loyalty and fervor. It included characters from all of lives suffering from the elements of poverty, wealth, emotional instability and of course service to God and His doctrine. Still, my vision or shall we said my views of the communiques received back in December of 1981, I knew without a doubt that some sort of spiritual change, a purging so to speak would have to take place in the future for humanity to continue existence otherwise humanity would be facing extinction at our own hands, a theme or outcome that God would not tolerate to become a reality, thus The Divine Creator manifested a purging of our spirits, our souls, our mind, and of course of our physical makeup.

Ever since completing the novel, this simple conscious awareness remained within me all these years not as an agonizing thought but one of euphoria and rejoice for I desired to be here and witness such divine manifestation on mankind and feared being in my early seventies that I may not see the birth of God’s manifestation become a reality however, to be alive on December 21st, 2012 was to me like a rebirth and its impact on me and others I wrote articles such as the Spiritual Storm and the Spiritual Renaissance on May of 2018 describing the principles and initiatives of our latest trend, The Great Awakening. I encourage all of you to read these articles to get a deeper understanding of all that is taking place right now.

It was this over exaggerated emotion of doom that preceded this date that confused many but in my heart I knew that it was the beginning of something great. Almost seven years have passed and as I wrote in the novel, they were the “entremets, a side dish” so to speak of a great and fabulous feast fit for royalty. All divine in nature of course. These seven year are the foundations for the erection, the building up of God’s greatest manifestation since His conceptualization of man’s creation to His greatest on this magnificent earth.

The scope or foresight for the next ten years, that period from January 2020 to December 2040 will be enhanced in all aspects of consciousness. Tremendous advances in all areas of technologies that today hamper human growth. However, be aware also that as these leaps forward are introduced, you will also exposed as it is today to various individuals, groups, agencies and even religious authorities will bring negativity or absurdity to any shall I called it, spiritual or transcendental means such as created by the media, groups, community or even individuals knowingly making efforts to derail God’s ascension for humanity. Their effort will be fruitless to say the least but their efforts at times seem convincing and labeled with authority but be resilient and be steadfast in God’s current will for all of humanity. For the train has left the station and sadly even many that stood at the train remained doubtful and steadfast on attitudes doctrinaire by thousands of years of hidden truths and accustomed for other in authority to make our decisions. That is all over since December 21st, 2012. There will be many more trains made available and it will be each individual’s consciousness, his awareness of what is happening all around to him that will determine whether he climbs onto the next train, or remains being manipulated by the others that convey to him nothing but obscurity, negativity and hiding the truth that has already been revealed to many others and have placed their trust in the Divine and not the ego idol within all of us. For this ascension is going to require from every single human being spiritual dedication, emotional balance, and mental fortitude in an aspect entrenched in our own free will since mankind creation. Something that humanity has not harvest since well, the Garden of Eden and has been a source of principle used by many other unscrupulous individuals to subjugate mankind to not only corporal hardships such as slavery but emotional trauma by inflicting deathly terrors in the minds of humanity, and spiritual constraints by controlling not only the mind of man but removing from humanity the sense of purpose and divine destiny, such as were and are our spiritual doctrines.

However, all of these things began their positive transformation on December 21st, 2012. The train that left the station with all of those that got on board, boarded not a conventional train as we know it to be today but a high speed spiritual train in the comfort and pleasant knowledge that God is the conductor of this divine journey to a new earth, a new humanity, a new purpose for all of those on board. For those that remain behind, I say to you all, “Welcome Aboard!” Take the next available train and let your own conscience manifest within you the intuitive energy that you seek to climb to that next journey and resolve not to accept what you are seeing on television to be the truth for it is not. Let God manifest within you His love for you and all of humanity. It is this spiritual resolve that will convince you climb unto the next available train bound for a new earth, a new you, and new consciousness. Again, welcome aboard child of God. Join the collective community that seeks unconditional love, peace harmony on this earth. Stop looking around. Get out and on a clear night look up into the sky, and as you see the star above watch the heavens filled with bright lights, say this to yourself, “I belong up there. I am from up there and point with your fingers upward toward the night sky. You are this and much more! And so it is! Namaste.