American flags beside gravestones

The Overlooked Celebration

Greetings my fellow brothers Light Workers, Star Seeds and friends, yesterday we celebrated Veteran’s Day with parades, speeches, and an assortment of honorable activities commemorating our war heroes. I, as a Vietnam Veteran, was touched by the warm and caring attitudes of thanks and gratitude the community displayed during this memorable day to all us veterans. It was an emotional and moving experience to say the least. But there is one more memorable day of immense significance tomorrow, November 13, 2019 and that is the celebration of “World Kindness Day.” This is not as enthusiastic or an emotional displacement day as it would be equally to Veteran’s Day or even one of a nation’s remembrance day for the most part this “World Kindness Day” has not yet achieved the celebrated status and significance as other prominent celebrated festive days but surely it will at the new earth. Therefore, instead of writing about what kindness could signify or do for a compassionate nation or group of people that practice such virtue, especially now that an illumination period is taking place for humanity, I thought that a prose would be most appropriate at this time in lieu of an educational article referring to kindness and the vital role in does play in our current ascension to a higher and more pure consciousness enabling mankind to free himself from the bondage of the ego factor and the negativity that plagued humanity for millennia.


My beloved One! I have sought you

All the days of your life from birth to now.

I waited patiently from dusk to sunset

To see if you could notice me at least once.

But as I got so close to hear you utter my name

You gave me sadly; moments filled of indifferences.

I brought you moments to build a just cause

And again what I encounter was not your trust

But your ever present arrogance and dislikes.

All I ever wanted from you was just a simple moment

To let you know that life was not a bag of torments

But a world filled of happiness, love and more

If you only took a time to know who I was.

All I ever wanted from you was to gaze into my eyes

And see what I was capable of doing in your behalf.

To bring you the joy of life gotten lost in the past.

Now, all that remains is a day just like any other one

Filed of selfishness and uncaring tasks taking you away from me

Making our once beloved closeness farther apart.

And even now you have forgotten what day it is

Leaving me in sadness and with the hope

That one day, maybe tomorrow you could perform

A selfless act in which the heart and not the mind

Would glorify me once again and for a moment

And be as one as we used to be

And contemplate again the greatness of a grand lady

You knew so well before innocence was no more

And you found her to be pure and sweet

Proudly and lovingly you called her, Kindness!