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Unfolding the Corona Virus Odyssey, Part 2

To most people the very word COVID-19 implies fear, apprehension, and anxieties but to others it defines a unique purpose and a discerned meaning. Greetings! my beloved readers and faithful friends of the “Great Light and Shift!” We have arrived at the 72nd hour which I identify it as the “Illuminated Chapter” because this is the hour so many Light Workers have been eagerly awaiting. It is not only the realization that our mother earth, Gaia is going through a physical and spiritual transformation but it is also for humanity.

Many people have contributed to this divine, cosmic, celestial, and heavenly phenomenon known as Ascension. Therefore, in this article and subsequent ones, I want to give appreciation alongside with gratitude to those tireless Light Workers and Star Seeds who have brought this awakening movement to fruition. However, I would like to foremost thank the Great I AM, the Supreme Source, God and all of His legions of celestial and universal laborers who faithfully have become involved in the extraordinary mission of humanity’s ascension. These and many others galactic and celestial beings remain loyal to humanity through so much. Therefore, my gratitude cannot be put onto paper but it is in spirit and soul as I hope you would also content to feel, especially during this phenomenal and formidable crisis. Additionally, I wish to give special thanks to you my devoted and faithful readers that have followed me through my articles and found comfort and a degree of a most needed tranquility to not only comprehend but survive all the aspects of the ascension but also the spiritual, corporal, and emotional side effects from it. Finally, most of all, I want to express my deepest gratitude and blessings to my spiritual mentor, The Divine I AM, God! Without His gifts and benevolent trust I would not have been able to achieve the success of the websiteand His loyal celestial enterprising associates currently accompanying me wherever I go and every single human being on this earth.

The ancient masters recognized that mankind was an inseparable constituent of, an identical divine being with much larger and higher purpose with a total knowledge of the vast universe however, limited by the inability to realize his divine identity to a Higher Self thus, creating or manifesting to be an ordinary human being. But all of that is about to change in the year 2020.

Spiritual masters like Jesus often taught of the divine nature of man and his relationship with God. Often, he spoke or taught his disciples or to the crowds that sought and followed him that a power, energy was within every human being as long as he was able to rescind the negativity that engulfed most of them. This negativity or spiritual darkness was caused by the crisis of their time and so it is with today’s humanity. Back then, when Jesus spoke of kindness, forgiveness, and love it was noted that he overflowed with a vital energy that often was perplexing to his own disciples. This power, this energy, was transmitted with such intensity that it was capable of bringing about healing and in many cases uplift the hearts of people and always brought to them to a higher level of consciousness. The Sermon on the Mount, the Our Father, the healing, and even the rising of Lazarus from the dead are just a few of the examples of such power and energy. Yet, humanity has not only forgotten about the divinely inspired and allotted virtues spoken by him so long ago and so very important during this viral crisis and other ones to come. In fact, the forgotten meaning and purpose of all of this was due to various aspects that can be considered in the domain of the Ego trends, such as selfishness, lack of compassion, and kindness. Such were these traits during Jesus times and the people. Sadly, no, unfortunately, it has persevered for thousands of years and during that time it did not weaken but grew in massive fortitude, dominance, and perpetual adherence to everything we thought, said, or created as a society.

Just as it was then, the disinterest to spirituality and sincere emotional contrition, humanity became more, shall we say, corrupted and contempt on this earth in the last one hundred years. Most people, even though they may not want to say it in public will and could recognize that those teachings of Jesus toward having compassion, kindness, and forgiveness became absolute until the appearance of the now hated vicious COVID-19. If I could give a nick name to this virus for historians to write about its malevolent and fatal existence, it will be known as the, Insidious and Inhumane Perpetrator of Death. Thus, as it was back during the Exodus and during Jesus time. There was relevancy in his predicaments and warnings to his Judean people about an impending crisis in which all of the things they sought and believed to be priceless and thought to be inseparable along with their spiritual attitudes would not only be put into question but also threatened to the point of losing all completely, and so it did happen seventy years later when Jerusalem fell at the hands of Rome and the Temple was destroyed as he foretold. Now, how would that teaching apply to us in 2020? Interesting enough, it has significance for us more than you can imagine for as it was then, more often the future is the other side of the coin of reality and destiny.

The rivalry in superiority and conatus attitudes of humanity in the last one hundred years was far more overwhelming than patience, kindness, empathy, and even remorse throughout the world. It was as a run-away train with no one at the controls. Continuation of these battles between light and darkness would have continued and without divine intervention darkness would have prevailed and not only our earth would have suffered its greatest damage but humanity would have ceased to exist. Thus, COVID-19 was the cadaverous catalyst bringing a cessation to humanity’s invincibility to literally a screeching halt!

This week, known as “holy week” by many spiritual people, Jews and Christians celebrate not only the memories of an unforgettable moment in human history and the people involved but also a promise of hope. This also happens to be the core according to a message received in 1987. It conveyed and was destined that an event of spiritual and moral impact would traverse across all religions and nations causing or bringing about a clear and profound understanding not only of an elusive fallacy of glorious days to be believed as everlasting but it also would truly become the dawn of a new consciousness in which each nation would evaluate, assess, and investigate their potential weaknesses as a sovereign and independent nation. According to the message, the simple ideology of dependency of others would cease to exist and awareness that each nation should strive in maintaining their freedom in which not only its citizens would value highly but also their existence. In short, nations would be cognizant that being lazy and affording for others to do their required work toward their existence while they enjoy the leisure of the free time would no longer be ever considered. This is the case of COVID-19 final perceptual and psychological conclusion that any nation should not ever be so dependent of another one unless it mutuality benefits each nation. Thus, COVID-19 has done that and much more.

It will be the view of many by the end of the year 2020 that this dramatic and deadly event or crisis was necessary for humanity not only to see the wrinkles in its face but also the scars left behind by its deadly effects. Remember this; there is no wisdom unless there is knowledge and understanding. The wisdom for humanity resulting from COVID-19 is of a great scope and dimension. Humanity’s wisdom of the past before the virus was lacking both. Knowledge was left to the ones that could profit from our absurdity and unreasonable tendencies to have more and more things that in many cases were not needed but had to have lacking the pure understanding that we, every human being, had what was needed to survive.

Therefore, COVID-19 will make all of humanity to assess their priorities. All the things that once were will not exist again. A new, both moral and spiritual attitude will emerge from this crisis. The normality of the past no longer will exist. A new normal will rise to the occasion creating a greater humanity from our social, economic, emotional, and even spirituality would find new fertile grounds in which not only new ideas will emerge and grow on behalf of all of humanity than the chosen few. There will be relevancy to truth and honor. These two were absent from the minds and hearts of humanity for a long time but the year 2020 will change all of this.

So, here we are at the summit of this deadly crisis and as we coming to an end of the seventy-two hours period of supplications to the universe for it to speak on behalf of all humanity, we are anxiously awaiting the results of all of the dedicated and faithful supplications, meditations, and personal commitments of all of the Light Workers and Star Seeds on this earth to be favorable. It is my deep spiritual feeling that it has been heard and audited in favor of a new splendorous new earth and joyful ascension of its loved residents, you and me.

Finally, this holy week is not only special but also vital to understand it in terms of destiny, energy, uplift, and profoundness. It is not consequential that the virus was brought upon humanity at this time. It was destined to be at this hour, this year, and during this stage in humanity’s existence. Think of it as “The Plague of the First Born” for our time except, it can be called, “The Plague of the Old and Mature.” Maybe, this virus or something similar was identified as the “Angel of Death” by the Egyptian which could also be denoted for us today as such also, more on this in my next article and the value of the numerical matrix in all of this. This Passover, Easter, and related festivities of 2020 are a mile marker that you, I, and everybody must be aware of and that such an attitude will help, aid, and assist in the soon to be here, “Great Shift!” And so it is and shall forever be! Namaste.