The Grieving Ones

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted! The divine words that are more than just a rendition of caring but a solemn promise by God for those that have suffered deep emotional anguish caused by the loss of a loved one from an unexpected death, especially COVID-19 will receive comfort. Such distress will not go unnoticed by the Heavens. It is well known that such a loss causes pain and dire need for comfort and they will be comforted as foretold by the Great Master, Jesus. Greetings! My beloved friends and faithful readers, it is with a humble heart and caring attitude that I write this article because the individuals that were and will be affected by the current crisis which will not be abated until May 31st, 2020, as designated by the universe, are worthy of such kindness and benevolence by all humanity.

These divine words spoken by Jesus at the Sermon of the Mount during the second year of his ministry is one of nine (9) promises that are given to humanity by the Great I AM. Whereas, there are seven (7) petitions in the Lord’s Prayer addressing God’s divine mercy, there are nine promised blessings bestowed on those identified as blessed. It may not seem that during degrees of uncertainties, oppression, and even desolation, that one can be blessed but what is to be understood is what we finally learn from all of the variables that make the event so conflicting and complicated, such as it is with COVID-19.

The Chosen Ones recognized during this crisis, The Grieving Ones are number four of the six mentioned in previous articles. The Grieving Ones are just more than family members, they include friends and closed acquaintance in which we confide our troubles and seek them for their spirituality, their advice and nurturing understanding. Such a valuable individual can leave a deep void in the lives of people. Imagine for a minute, all the stories, the ideas, the nurturing smiles, the warm hugs, the caring attitudes, and their love that would be missed by so many of us. It would be a great loss for all of humanity. We cannot circumvent this crisis with an insensitive attitude as we have done in previous crisis. This crisis is very different as it also affected our deep emotional state. Just as we identified, The Returning, the Restored, the Saviors Ones, and now recognizing The Grieving Ones we must all recognize the writing on the wall that an awareness exists for humanity to not only comprehend but also be mindful of its emotional effects. Hence, as those that have taken the precautions and surrendered to the order of the destined wisdom rather than to succumb to personal ambitions and desires as many did during the onset of the crisis consequently, bringing upon themselves and their loved ones the eminent suffering we now are perplexed by its impact on all of humanity.

What is there for us, the wise ones, to accomplish? The Chosen Ones that perceived the severity of the crisis and forsooth to avoid the pleasures of a normal life for a moment of sanity and reflection. Let us now come together as a unified and caring American family and do as their loved ones are doing, to mourn the loss of so many American citizens that had so much to offer by rendering not only a minute of silence, a petition, a prayer, a spiritual discussion to God on their behalf. But let’s also remember them in every aspect of our life. Assist the fallen one. Give to the one that asks for help. Forgive the one that asks to be forgiven, and offer comfort to the one that needs it but dares not to ask. In this spiritual gesture you can be by the side of every grieving human throughout the world. Let’s become the collective families this crisis sought to destroy along with the creed of the American family. It is now, our duty as not only a religious and blessed nation but as a spiritual nation, for us, America, to really believe in our forefather’s spiritual passions, In God we trust! We were once a nation of deep spiritual commitments and acts. As is always the case, history has shown that humanity is like the waves of an ocean, constantly moving and impacting a shore, consequently changing its foundations.

Thus, was once a dream by the founders who struggled not only against tyranny, daily routines, and living one day at time. They survived by their sheer trust and in the belief of an existence of a powerful and awesome God that would not only nurture the sick but also the grieving ones. Our name says it all, the United States of America. Let’s now march with a different beat of a spiritual drum. Let it be known to the world that through this crisis, a new American creed was born, The United People of America (T.U.P.A)! Let the T.U.P.A be the spiritual banner for our children and our children’s children.

The new future is in our hands as I write this article. There is and never again will be the daily theme, the way it used to be! In fact, a new spiritual trend, thought, and movement will rise from COVID-19 for all of humanity, especially in America. Beware also during this awakening. There will be dark shadows lurking to do otherwise. As the Bible clearly described it, wolf in sheep’s clothing. The louder they speak and the wider the smiles are of these shadowy figures, be extremely aware that their gestures hold a deceptive agenda that is not in your best interest or your loved ones, except their clandestine agendas. I outlined these characters in my novel, God’s Chosen Ones as spiritual scoundrels.

The universe is very much aware of their intentions and the Great Shift is the spiritual and conscience tool available to humanity to discover their regressive plots. Humanity should be heading toward a great future and not regress to the humanity of a century past where tyrants, dictators, and an authoritarian mentality existed that kept humanity in shackles for millennia. This simply means that the final act of COVID-19 will be for every human being to see through their soul, their intentions, and derail their agendas. Therefore, let not your heart hold grudges, animosity, or anger. Feel the joy, the enlightenment this crisis has offered to be learned. The crisis did not place us in a spiritual isolation, to the contrary, it opened our eyes by you recognizing that the Great I AM, God is everywhere and He has been by our side every beat of your heart, and most critical His celestial beings are here to assist you in seeking truth and not deception as it has been in the past. Welcome! My beloved readers to the Great Shift, the Great Awakening of Humanity of the year 2020. That is the priceless lesson of COVID-19. From the end of June, we will recognize that He is not only close to us but also within every single human being. For the spark of divinity of The Great Source I AM is in all of us! What each one of us will do with what was given will depend on the level of trust you have for a Higher Divine Order. It will also become the spiritual map to a greater you .The last six months, 180 days (1+8+0=9, remember this?) will be the period in humanity requiring the greatest believe and trust in the Great I AM as never before. In short, my beloved readers, you will be experiencing the need of trust and belief as Noah had for God. Are the times ahead such as his? Not so deadly but it will require us to have passion to believe and trust not only in God, His celestial and universal beings, but also in all of humanity. Love, joy, and peace to you all my beloved readers. And so it is and forever shall be! Namaste.