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The Time Has Arrived to Start Believing

Part 1


…And if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matthew 21:22).

There is a time in everyone’s life when one must not only accept but also believe that whatever worries, entertains, or affects us must be confronted with an open heart and mind, such time is now!

Greetings my beloved readers and Children of the Light. There has never been a more vital moment in humanity’s existence than it is today. We have for so long been subservient to a world filled with all sorts of processes in which we are no longer useful or needed. This may surprise you to hear but it was a reality mastered by a group of elite dark forces you will soon be given the opportunity to hear more about. However, presently there have been some of them being identified of which have maintained a low profile for a long time. This exposure is but a glass of water in what is expected to be a torrential downpour of disclosures as well as allegations that will shake the emotional core of humanity.

This revealing knowledge of what has been going on behind our backs, of course, will take many by surprise. The unexpected and unprepared will be the ones most affected because as I have mentioned in my previous three articles about conscience, the power over a dazed conscience to be manipulated through emotional conditioning is as real as the air you breathe. This conscience predatory conditioning program has been effective since the 1900’s but it has surpassed expectations since the 1960’s. It has come in all sorts of effective mass media means, fashions, foods, choices of vehicles to drive to insane reasons why to go to wars.

All of what I am sharing may seem to some of you to be not only impossible but absurd. However, that is quite alright because the response from many people confronting upcoming disclosures may be thought or considered to be absurd and illogical by many depending on their state of consciousness during the disclosures. I consider such individuals to be asleep whereas for the awakened ones it is as real as the sun that rises daily and can distinguish from what is a fallacy or not brought up by malevolent minds with convincing childish smiles and actions. The reality of it is that it is for humanity to respond in such manner due to the effective conscience conditioning from the last sixty years. That is the prevalent attitude we encounter in any population that has been subjected to view the roles of those that imply that they are looking after the populace’s wellbeing. However, it is my hope that such hindering principles are not the natural response of every single human being. We live in a world that compares all things based on processes or systems of duality factors such as night and day, love, and hate, poor or rich, etc., and within such parameters we make daily decisions.

Consequently, we have adapted to such measures creating a constraint that in today’s mind we follow patterns of daily routines that replicate themselves over and over. You see this every day from stopping for a latte, a hamburger and fries, or a breakfast platter at a place you called favorite but, are convenient. And this is the result of this manipulated emotional condition of which we will very soon be placed on a test basis as social, political, economic, and even government hidden agendas will be brought to the surface of a new revealing truth not only about who we are, where we come from but where we are going as humanity.

Thus, as mentioned in the previous conscience articles, your free will has been manipulated and deterred from its original intent for the sole purpose of incarcerating your ability to recognize by divine right of your free existence. This has achieved through offering misleading concepts such as being benefactors to your safety and wellbeing while, they (the dark side) have been catering to their selfish indulgences portraying themselves as the guardian and saviors of humanity’s divinity. Does it sound absurd? Well, just wait until the year 2024 when the path they have been on is nearing toward the edge of the precipice of their demise.

To understand what I am sharing with you is to come to the realization that all that has taken place not only during this year of 2023 but all that has taken place since 2016 must be recognized that it has not been something by chance, random or by accident because neither of these three concepts of realities do not exist. In short, all of these aspects from the year 2016 through present have been all orchestrated and it is this simple factor that must not only be recognized as being genuine and with malevolent intent, it must also be accepted that its influence had for ultimate purpose to eradicate not only your freedom but also your divine free will.

This manipulative program made us emotional prisoners to a point that we have become a society not with distinct aspects of opinions but rather a disunity of dogmas, traditions, and values (freedom) that has almost eliminated us from standing tall for the pursuit of happiness our ancestors conceptualized for the inhabitants of this nation. We are the children that allowed the stranger to burn the house our father’s built by the sweat and blood of their brow.

Therefore, now we stand here in 2023 and throughout the year 2024 with all sorts of disruptive attitudes, elicit political and moral actions, quandary of emotions, hovering fears, dazed anguishes, and more than anything else, an unprecedented insecurity that seems to have no end, but it is slowly eating away like a carnivorous cancer the concept of what is a true reality. All because, our mind, our conscience was the perfect tool, the right instrument to achieve the sinister manipulative intents of those not only in the political arena but also our religious leaders. Just, open your eyes and see what has taken place at the White House and Ukraine, the Justice Department, the security of this beloved nation, the lacking amiability in the current Congress and Senate, and of course the current despotic attitude foreign nations have toward America, our beloved nation and it may continue well into 2025.

It is not my intent that there should be a sadness hovering over our nation which I am sure many of our people feel already such grief, sorrow, and trauma of what will be the outcome for the rest of the year 2023, the year 2024 and 2025 based on the actions of the people of this nation? The chaos and crisis are real, and its outcome resides with the conscience of each American. The question is a simple one, do we become independent of the political tyranny of the last twenty years or we continue with the same dogmatic principles the current political, judicial, social and economical the current elites persevere over us, or do we replace all of them with conscience members that truly will seek to view their positions as elected by the people they represent and not by the selected dark elites that mandates for them to follow their set of rules no matter what. That is what lies before the American people today as well in the year 2025. All is dependent on the way conscience will be affected in the months to come by the mass media, social organizations, the military, and the politicians. It is time to end the dictatorial principles of Washington, D.C. Thus, our conscience, our mind should not be either persuaded or imprisoned with malicious ideals and principles as it has been since the 1960s. And immediately recognize and accept that America is in an urgent political overhaul from local governments to the nation’s one. It is the unequivocal choice of every citizen of this beloved nation to raise America from the ashes from which it lies now.

It is in our hands, the transforming power of America and with God’s redeeming grace, America cannot only become great again but reclaim the place from which God and the ancestors, as well as all our descendants fought for through blood, sweat and tears. Accept this and you shall be rewarded with the words, The Truth Shall Set You Free! This and much more is urgently needed and will be addressed in the next article, part II: Redemption of America. Be love and Light! 

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