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Higher Consciousness

Have you ever considered how people make sense of their daily life activities? Have you ever wondered what made a person utter a word or words without a single consideration of how painful or distraught the other person would feel? I am sure you have witnessed many instances when these and many other aspects of “insensitiveness” have been directed to other individuals, or you have been the victim of such tragic emotional events. In many cases such painful directives become memories that can last a long time and in many cases remain throughout our existence. Such was the truth of humanity for the most part to be a society or culture exercising “hardheartedness and insensitiveness” that depicted the character of an individual, a group, a society, and a culture.

It was a reality in which “coerciveness and restrain” where effective emotional tools affecting many aspects of mankind lives of their time. It was coexistence that in all cases literally stuff led mankind growth to higher way of thinking and actions. It was a degrading and very sad circumstances that any “cogent appeals” did fall onto deaf ears and often brought more miseries and added hardships to those that appeal or supplicated for corroboration (Exodus 5:8-18). Whether or not the majority of humanity today did not only exist and was subjugated to those inhumane treatments but may have been also the “insensitive taskmaster” that insured the commands or rules were followed to the letter. Failure to obey the command would have brought death immediately not only to yourself but to a whole family in all cases. As sad, unimaginable existence, humanity traverse through these periods of war, famine, slavery, conquests, pestilences, all succumbing to deaths which in many cases were more relief than misery. These were the “realities” of humanity for thousands of years until recently.

All of those thousands of years of “oppression to the way of thinking” for the people of those times was a natural, common, and acceptable way of existence. So many times, the care toward existing was the simple fact of “survive.” There was no other alternative but to scratch, beg, and rob for an existence. Once in a while would be a spark of hope for a better existence but as it was then and until recently were short lived that became but a footnote in human history. It was not until toward the end of the last century that all began to show a spark of “light” into a world that for all purpose the freedom for humanity to think as a whole, a complete unity was given a chance to rise above all that once “stifled” humanity’s growth. It was and still is like waking up from an awful nightmare in which all aspects of emotional inflicted pain was experienced. In short, “the way of thinking”, the manner or way in which humanity should have taken time to analyze, decipher and act upon a specific principle, or just a simple attitude was absent from the large portion of humanity. Inability to aspire for greatness through personal growth, attitude changes was but a drop of water amidst a torrential rain for most of humanity. Such method of “mind coercion” through fear caused damage to our way of thinking so severely that it was not after late 20th century that the spark of “ascension” began to be considered and act upon that “changed” humanity toward a new “way of thinking.” It was “a small step” but an important one indeed.

Since the “seed of awakening” was placed in the hand of humanity late last century, the world, humanity as a whole began an “incredible journey” toward a better humanity reaching levels that today would be unimaginable for so many. This “seed” is more than just an awakening prescription to an awful illness called, “complete thought control.” It is an antidote to that illness but it does much more than that. It replenish the void once created by such incapacitating disease of your “free will” which is the essential aspect of a “free mind to exercise thinking” without coercion, or penalties. Humanity has been given a vital opportunity to “rise, ascend” to an unprecedented to higher level of thinking never experienced in all of humanity history and it is called, “higher consciousness!”

Yes, humanity is on voyage of “illumination and greatness” for all of mankind. It was not an easy endeavor to experience and subjugated by so many centuries of “thought oppression” and survivability but mankind survived the tasks, the taskmasters, and the imposing “emotional and spiritual hardships” for so long that disfigured our dignity as human until recently and now the time has come to breathe the fresh air of emotional thinking. The rise of consciousness to a level affording humanity a closer bond not only toward peace among each other but also to all that entails nature and nurture this earth who also experienced our “insensitive attitudes” to its fragile existence. Thus, is not only mankind been awakening to his nature of goodness but also to the awareness that without this home we call “earth” we cease to exist, and all of humanity’s history would be but a particle dust in a vast universe. Such end for all of humanity would a “tragic indeed.”

From December 21st 2012, our official “awakening”journey began. It was deemed necessary but also recommended by the “Infinite and Divine Creator” from whom, humanity (mankind) is His “greatest creation (Genesis 1:26, 2:19-20, 3:22). The year 2019, was and is still is a “milestone” in our ascension journey. In all aspects of social, spiritual, economic, and even religious principles have been opportunities for “disclosures and apertures” to greater things affecting all of humanity. Even, nature is playing a major role in all of the divine aspects of “revealing the truth.” The year 2019, is but the first word of an epic novel. Humanity “will” rise and overcome our ingrained differences, our illicit attitudes and ambitions. All “will be replaced” with “kindness, caring attitudes and benevolence” which were the aspects toward greatness for humanity and denied for thousands of years. However, the year 2020 will be the “one of the greatest years” of the 21st Century. The period from the year 2012 which was the “Declaration of Independence for Humanity” decree and divinely approved by the Divine Great Council (Ezekiel 1:26, Daniel 7:9. Matthew 5:34, Revelation 4:9). Such, will be the following years until the year 2040 when the new “higher consciousness” will be the “mainstay” principle of humanity existence for thousands of years to come. And, yes we will live longer and healthier with a minimum age of 120-180 years old (Genesis 28-29), or could easily live until 365 years old (Genesis 5:23) by the end of this century.

Consequently, every divine host(s) is now personal involved in insuring “humanity” has the path of ascension cleared or manageable for all creatures living on this earth, from the smallest insect to the largest creature. It is a long awaited journey with many new outcomes. Some can be understood quickly, others may take time for some individuals but all in all every milestone accomplish “is and will be for a greater good” for all of humanity bringing mankind to a greater consciousness which its purpose is to achieve throughout the whole earth the knowledge (human spirit) and understanding (human soul) the divine concept of, “unconditional love” that is the complete part of God, The Supreme Creator which humanity will learn more of His nature as humanity reaches higher level of consciousness which in turn increases mankind’s knowledge and understanding all that God, the Divine Creator is not only here on earth but throughout all of the universes. And so it is! Rejoice for your freedom from conscience oppression is here, finally!

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