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The Urgent Need to be A Kind Human Being

“For goodness sakes” said the young man to the woman standing next to him. “Can you believe that honey? We have been standing here for over an hour and you see that woman over there,” pausing for a moment and he pointed toward the front of a line of people waiting to enter the stadium. The woman does not comment, just stares toward the woman discussing something with the usher. “I bet you she’s trying to get in before all these people who have been waiting with their tickets.” He murmured some indistinguishable words as he began to fiddle in place in a sign of discomfort and restlessness. “If he lets her jump in line I am going to go over there and give them a piece of my mind.” He added. The young woman turned towards him, “No! You won’t. Let it be. We have plenty of time. The concert starts at 7. It’s only four o’clock” she responded.

The above example may not be familiar to some of you because you may not be a concert aficionado but you may have experienced it at a grocery store, a movie theater, or even at a restaurant. The reason for this scenario is because all of us have at least experienced the ordeal that comes with participating in events that bring about large numbers of people with a common purpose, and are making efforts to get somewhere first. Some of you may have been like the character above, or at least the innocent bystander that listened and witnessed such behaviors. Nevertheless, the point here is that our society has managed to not only mold our emotions to be prejudicial but also fashion it to be flamboyant in the nature of its responses. In many cases, our emotions can become easily ignited by the smallest of action in many cases due to a misunderstanding coupled with an oversight of common sense.

Humanity at this time is like the couple above, and since the year 2012 have become aware that something is taking place but cannot put our finger on it. Just as air we breathe is an essential aspect of our existence, it is also needed to contemplate patience. Our young man above has lived in a world, or at least his impression of how things ought to be according to his rules, possibly never thinking that his ways may not be practical for others. This year 2019, has been for the most part an awakening year for so many. A section of humanity has been waiting patiently since 1987 to begin to see the as we say, “the light at the end of the tunnel” and it was not until the year 2016 humanity was given the opportunity to exercise a perception of a better life, a world, a society creating the trend we now are conceiving in all aspects of our lives. These perceptions in the last three years became changes and shifts in our consciousness and have assisted humanity by embarking us onto an indescribable divine journey toward an existence in which humanity will embrace a new ideology, called transformation. And just as the people above in my example are waiting to enter the popular musical event, some display a sense of patience and maintain themselves occupied by chatting among themselves accompanied by laughs and smiles, others can be preoccupied with listening to their favorite musical tunes, and others can be patiently waiting by reading a newspaper, a magazine, or a book. The manner, fashion or way we can accommodate the desire to be patient is depending on our area of interest or priorities and such is the nature of our current perplexities of the events taking place.

Although, it is not unusual to encounter impatient individuals in all sorts of situations throughout our daily lives, it is important to recognize what is the impact of such attitudes can have toward us. The same can be said for the arriving universal waves of energies that are affecting all of humanity as it is also affecting the whole earth but it is not to create rage, anger, hatred or violence. Believe it or not its affect is to rise, ascend humanity to a higher more pure level of consciousness that is filled with the sentiments of compassion, truth, piety, and of course with the greatest emphasis on unconditional love, which has been literally completely absent in humanity until now.

Therefore, we entertain ourselves with the virtue of patience or do we entertain restlessness and psychological havoc during these times of energies arrival. Do we welcome them with enthusiasm and spiritual excitement or do we reject them with attitudes embedded on emotional hypocrisy until the consumption of time has lapsed and the need for changes in our attitudes mandates changes that reflect, muster and support kindness. But why wait until the necessary changes to ascend to a greater consciousness are made or at least presented to you until you have no other choice but to experience the need for kindness? Why not begin the glorious journey right now by beginning to adhere to a conscious belief that “kindness” is in you and you can be the one that become selfless and generate in all things a small piece of kindness. Be the valiant warrior, become a member of the “Celestial Round Table” that its members are performing their kindness knighthood skills in behalf of all humanity. These are as the Bible describes them as “the Light Workers” that you may know not only the value of who you are but where you come from and why.

Of course, most of us if not all of us are very much aware that change is not a human factor or trait but rather the comfort of the status quo has been and is much preferred in much of our history. The proverbial phrase, “if it is not broken don’t fix it” may have been a thought to preserve a small degree of what perceived as contentment but it is no longer to be the essence of our consciousness any longer since the year 2012. The inevitable changes and shifts have begun and will continue until all of the earth and including humanity encompasses love over everything in existence on this earth. To demonstrate this, just read, the passage in the Bible chapter 65 of Isaiah, the Great Prophet and one of the ones the Great Master Jesus often used in his doctrine as a guide describing a scenario applicable to us now in which, a major unnatural shift will occur. The chapter, verses 21-25 speaks of traditional customs, habits or principles that would be no longer, specifically, outlining the wolf, the lion, the sheep and the serpent at a predestined period which I am secure that applies to humanity at this time, or at least at the period of this awakening journey humanity finds itself in. The verses begin with the words, “it will come to pass…” which denote that it will come a time in which it will be as real as the sun rising every day. Simply, “the wolf and the lamb shall feed together”. What does this mean or at least is inclined to tell us? Well, the wolf currently is a carnivorous animal, hunting for meats and especially sheep. N the opposite the sheep eats grass. What the passage is telling us that it the very near future the carnivorous animals that for millennia survived by consuming meat, they no longer will but rather by some divine manifestation their need for meat to survive will no longer be but rather an incredible shift will take place and the sheep will no longer fear the wolf and the wolf will not seek to eat sheep or meats in this case. Additionally, “the lion shall eat straw as the bullock does” which mirrors the circumstances of the wolf.

In short, there is a divine paradox is in the works and I am a strong believer it begun on December 21, 2012. Coincidentally, it was on December 25, 1981 when I was provided the divine communiques that were written on my novel, God’s Chosen Ones reflecting a necessary change from humanity to advert humanity’s final days. Gladly, in the year 1987, the God of Truth (later will write in another article about it) intervene and the result of such divine intervention a new era for humanity begin, thanks to the efforts of the heroic Light Workers who devotedly and persistently requested for an intervention originally for the earth because we were abusing it lacking emotional scrupulous toward it, and therefore also affecting humanity.

Now, we are the edge of the greatest endeavor ever. Humanity is at the threshold of a massive conscience shift in which our way of thinking, feeling and manifesting will be embedded in the nature of divine love, an unconditional love in which not a single speck of darkness, negativity or doubts will ever be present but simply an earth of love, peace and harmony in which all of its inhabitants will continue flourishing into higher consciousness creating a peaceful earth for every living thing on it. The dream Jesus, the Great Master so devotedly shared with all of the people of his time is becoming a reality and you are now part of it. Yes, they will come a time in which you will no longer will have the desire to have any meat derivative from the death of any animal you now happily and unconsciously consume without the awareness of their suffering during their, shall we call it, “consumer sacrifice” as it is done now on a daily basis.

A final thought to all of this. Since either the wolf or the lion will no longer be carnivorous animals, what would be the change for humanity? Would we be affected as the wolf and the lion? If we are, then, what would happen to all of the meat products establishments we have become so used to drive thru? Would there be burgers in the future or will they become vegetarian establishments. Food for thought! Again, my beloved readers you have the best seat in the house for the greatest spectacle awaiting humanity, and the best of everything, you are going to be an active participant. Enjoy the time and the journey. It is going to be like something no one, not even the ones prior to you, not even your loved one that have passed away could have dreamed of. Welcome and fasten your seat belts. Divine refreshments are in order for good health, happiness, and joy and will begin to be served during the year 2020 through 2024. The main course menu will be served shortly after that with a succulent desert of manifested creativity by every human being by 2040. The best of everything, you will witness it all my beloved friends. As always peace and love reign throughout your life! Namaste.