Sky transitioning to darkness at sunset

Discovering Our Higher Self

He stared at the photo for a moment in the album. It drew a smile from him. He paused, then closed the album and placed it by his side. “It was a wonderful and happy day for all of us especially my mom the day of my college graduation” he said to himself then, as if he was viewing a movie of it all, he began to recall all those happy moments before and after the photo was taken and suddenly the once prevalent anguish, worries, concerned moments he had experienced in the last six months seems to leap out of his life and into another dimension as he continuously smiled and giggled savoring those long past moments that brought him so much joy.

He desired to return to that moment, to his happy youth. It was as if he wanted to live it all over it again. It was the rightful place to be. Now, it all appears to be an illusion as the chiming of the clock reminded him it was time to leave and the real reality set in, “the past is past. It is dead. It doesn’t matter to me anymore for now I have other more pressings things to attend” he responds as his body accompanied by the influence of his thoughts coerced him in feeling abandoned and with despair he could not understand.

Just about every one of us has experienced moments like this. Our memories narrow to the thoughts of not wanting to leave happy memories of our early years. In many occasions we contemplate such beautiful memories with wet cheeks and clasped hands as if we wanted to relive such moments over and over. Those pleasant and happy memories are the ones that give the power to enhance our emotions more inside than outside. And what’s more it does make us glad to be alive as we placed our hand over our hearts in gesture of gratitude and loving kindness. Such a gesture revitalized our emotions and spirituality offering us a greater future.

Like I said in previous articles, you are the key to everything that engulfs your reality. I agree that most of us initially cannot recognize the impact our thoughts we have in our daily lives when it is the culprit of our negativity. But not be alarmed that you are the sole individual with this daily trend. Oh, no, just about every single human being on this earth without realizing it or recognizing is manifesting negativity or creates circumstances, events, or attitudes with negative ingredients and outcomes. Negativity is our inseparable companion who constantly creates the matrix of our reality. Its function is as to design the reality we human beings conceptualized via the process of thinking. Simply putting it, “what you think, you create.” It is a sad vision but it is true.

However, there is a better and prettier vision upon us in which the joy to be alive filled with love and happiness become the ingredients of our daily lives. As I write this article, we are being influenced and to some degree spiritually pampered with enhanced energies affecting the earth and us, but much of this is still not within our grasps due to our consciousness maintaining a degree of status quo providing a sense of security but in reality it is far from that. This new enhanced version or idea of who we are is not new, in fact, the Bible describes exactly who we are and what we can do as soon as we recognize the who, what and why of our existence. With this enhanced version of us, we no longer are the beggars seeking alms for our poor spirits as we have had believed we should. To the contrary, humanity is at the verge of discovering the Higher Self of each one of us.

We learned from the Bible that the original Adam was bestowed with divine virtues as long as he maintained a simple command of obedience. Failing would cause for him to lose all of the given privileges and divine rewards. As we know from biblical studies, Adam failed in the required command by God. Those of you that have taken any relevant course in Psychology should remember the discussed topics of the Real and Ideal Self functions and predicaments and how they can interfere or advice in the daily existence of an individual. You also were introduced to the well-known Freudian Theory of the three culprits of our personality and how they can interact in favor or against our actions. However, nothing compares with the discovery of our Higher Self.

Therefore, what is or better yet who is this Higher Self? Believe it or not, it is you! Yes, you, the one that is reading or listening to this article and every human being on this earth have one. In some instances, some of you may consider that your Higher Self may be a guardian angel. That is your prerogative but in reality, the Higher Self is a separate entity from the realms of the angelic world. In fact, it is shall I called it, your twin. As you are on this earth completing your mission which you volunteered to do, your higher conscious (the twin) which is superior in wisdom, foresight and is the visionary of you remained behind sort of speak as an advisor to you when you called upon his advice and reasoning. In fact, his wisdom encompasses all aspects of the unimaginable universe available at your request. Many wise man and masters sought the alliance of their Higher Self to accomplish their mission on earth. The Bible is full of their acts of their missions. You recognized them as prophets, messiah, or teachers. They were an inseparable aspect of our existence, however the time has arrived in which every single human being has been given the opportunity to seek out their individual Higher Self to assist each and every individual ascend to the level of superiority now been bestowed to the earth and all of humanity.

Thus, look up my beloved readers and seek your Higher Self. Let it be known to the heavens that you have become aware that you have a greater being of yourself, a twin divine brother that can muster the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that is now been spread throughout the whole earth. Look at yourself in the mirror. Yes, that reflection of you is also an image of your Higher Self in some way or manner making you aware that he seeks to communicate with you at some point in the future. Be fearless and embrace that image deep within your conscience and your soul and spirit will let you know all that is true about you, that you are a divine being with great virtues. The time has come to liberate yourself from the chains of misconception, adversity, which refrain you from recognizing the valuable partnership between you and your Higher Self who anxiously awaits your companionship, especially more now than ever as the divine energies are arriving and determining a greater existence unto a new and glorious earth. Will you do that? Trust your intuition for beginners for that is the means and measure of your Higher Self. See yourself as a divine being with virtues of such magnitude that when utilized, your life would become not only great but divine also. I know you can do it. Be steadfast in a greater you. Be selfless and caring in all you can do now. Be a believer of the greatness of you and avoid the negativity so many others adhere to. Avoid conflicts that draw you down deeper into the quick sand pit of negative attitudes and seek the firm ground of positivism and divine interventions. Do this and you will discover your Higher Self surely.

That’s better now. I will continue writing and providing you, my beloved readers and friends of the Light of Truth as it were provided to me since 1981. Be not hardened by the memories of a past filled with presumptuous ideas that occluded the divinity you possess. I believe with all my heart, soul and spirit that all that is taking place both in nature and in humanity is for a greater and awesome future. I believe and I am committed to bring the Light of Truth to all of my fellow citizens of this earth, from the child to the elder, especially the ones that may still be not in the dark but in the limelight of their awakening and in need of guidance and support for it this challenge that was written in my novel, God’s Chosen Ones. Again, look up into the sky my dear friends and smile as you gaze to the rolling clouds and the blue essence of it all for they are watching you, especially you Higher Self. Discover what you have been missing. And so it is and forever be. Love you all very much. Namaste.