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Finally, a Question Answered, the Real Reality

There are things in life that appear for a purpose. Many times we ignore them not because we considered them to be unimportant but truly it is done due to our spiritual ignorance. I don’t mean to be rude or threaten your intellect. To the contrary, I wish to bring to all of you something that was for me a quandary. In my previous articles I have made an effort to bring a sense of calmness through this period of the COVID-19 crisis additionally taking a closer look at the divine purpose of this entire tragic episode around the world.

Since the onset of the virus, I sought to see the silver lining in all of this and as I received the responses when they were given I passed it to you through my articles. Sadly, I can tell you that as I placed comments from Facebook and YouTube regarding the articles, I encountered that few ever took the time to read them. Don’t feel bad I encountered a revealing truth that my own loved ones renounced themselves to view those vital articles because they found the time of staying home to be recreational in some degree is commendable of course, still I questioned the universe and the Great I AM why such an attitude from people? After days of spiritual meditations and when I finally let it go the answer was provided and it was one that not only was unexpected but very revealing.

You all have heard the proverbial statement, “If it was a snake, it would have bitten me.” Well, the answer I was seeking was before me just waiting to be discovered and it has to do with the underlying reason or at least the existence of a divine manifestation where humanity, all of those residing on this earth at this time had to see, feel, and witnessed without any potential excuse. Yes, it was and it is a global journey with a precarious and deadly outcome but herewith I will share with you His message of comfort, gratitude, and yes, the vital reason for this article.

The core of COVID-19 was not to induce horror or create a mindset of judgment and castigation as I have noticed by some writers found on the internet but rather it was the catalyst for something far greater. To understand it, I rely on your spirituality but also your open mind because you will find yourself in either of the spiritual categories I will describe here. First, I will share with you that the response contained that there are six humanity levels affecting, reacting, and determining the place in which each individual falls regardless of ethnicity or religious inclinations. This response may seem unfair to some, to others a video game in which skillfulness is necessary, and for so many others a glorious spiritual realization. It was for me!

Therefore here it is. There are six (6) levels, categories, or places, all within the realm of divinity as it applies to each one of us. First, I mentioned earlier that COVID-19 was a catalyst in generating a divine purpose. You must recognize that the virus even though it may seem to be something new, it is not. I mean, the virus was within a predisposed reality. It was needed for a reason, as there is a purpose for its existence. Humanity was not the only perpetrator in its physical creation but provided fertile ground for its existence in our spiritual environment which happened to be in the year 2020 in an apparent atrocious finale of such consequences that it does need an urgent intervention and it was done beginning on December 21, 2012 with execution in June of 2015. Since then, we witnessed various surprising outcomes humanity once believed to be in complete control of. Since, that day in June 2015, the universe was on a wait and see fashion. It was not until September 2018 when deception, spiritual flagrancy, and disregard for Earth that the games humanity was playing were no longer tolerated. It was by our own doing that all culminated in September 2019 when the fuse was lit and began the chaotic event from which there was no stopping.

Herewith is the declaration. COVID-19 highlighted six levels of how it touched each individual and based on their spirituality and beliefs, our conscience revealed itself. However, here is where your personal consciousness will separate what is from the heart to the mind. Each step has for determinant your emotional state regarding not just your family but the whole globe, and it is through this concept that you, your conscience, your deep intertwined emotions and passions will determine your place in all of this.

The key to all of this is Ascension. Yes, Ascension as I have been declaring in all of my articles for over three years. All that has been initiated whether by human hands has a predestined purpose. Imagine this, a cruise liner, an airplane, a skyscraper. All are occupied by people of diverse nature and beliefs with different priorities, then a drama factor is introduced and suddenly, everyone has one simple thought, survival. The same are the destined levels of the year 2020. Presently, humanity is going through a very stupendous period in which, not only physical but conscience driven individuals are being affected. Its effects produced by energy levels emanating from the center of our galaxy. Did I not mention that you were going to need an open mind? For the rest of you understand and believe this much. Herewith, I will share the words found in Mathew 13, the sowing because based on your beliefs you may believe or not, in either case, you will see it all come true at its appropriate time dictated by your divine contract.

What is this divine contract you may be asking right now? Well, it is the contract that you made in the Heavens prior to your arrival on Earth, it is called reincarnation and the Bible clearly tells us that it is real, oh yes, it is very real! Which I may add, you have been here many times before, and whether you accept it or not, you chose to be here at this time and witness this crisis in which humanity sees itself in the cosmic mirror of the true reality, and of course, also to be here for the Great Shift or Change of the year 2020 where our primitive consciousness will advance to one not only of higher and purer levels but also more powerful. Such is the product of the crisis.

The elements from COVID-19 given and herewith to observe are as follows, The Deceased, The Courageous Ones, The Restored Ones, The Suffering Ones left to mourn, The Isolated Ones (those that cannot leave their home), and The Apathetic Ones. Every individual during this crisis will follow one of these according to their emotional, spiritual, and divine awareness which happens to be what you agreed on in your divine contract prior to your departure from the Heavens. I will expand on all of these categories individually in coming articles. I cannot stress the importance in reading previous articles and the ones to come. I will finish with this, you are the sower. Whatever your opinions on any issue of today’s crisis, remember, it was you that manifested and when you read these six coming articles you will find merit and validity as I did and for that I am more than deeply grateful, I am blessed, until then, peace and love. Namaste.