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The Deceased Ones–Returned Ones

According to the statistics as of April 18, 2020 noon, there are 156,338 individuals that have passed away due to COVID-19 and 37,289 of those are in the USA. My fellow Light Workers and Great Star Seeds, beloved friends it may not seem to be a glorious period because of the gloominess that hovers over the globe but as a storm arrives at the appropriate time to quench a dry region, and so is the present time.

As humanity is experiencing uncertainties along with fears, there is much goodness that can be said also. The good news is not in the nature of the economy or how quick we can be back to the way we were because the yesterday will not ever be our tomorrow. In fact, it will be quite different not only in the aspects of most all the things we referred to in the past as normal but rather a whole new perspective. That for now may seem impossible but it will come as knowing that next year is 2021. The truth relies on how the impact of COVID-19 has affected you, me, and the rest of humanity. I mentioned in a previous article that there are six categories in which an individual can qualify or dwell and it is dependent on our values of emotional, spirituality, and our character. I mentioned that these categories are like a divine rod purposely created to allow mankind to discover its divinity and purpose.

So we begin with the first one considered to be, in my mind and heart, the Returned Ones to a greater humanity on the New Earth. A little perplexed with my words? Well, here are the reasons. I was given within the message that those eternal souls during their previous ascension to heaven prior to this life, chose to willingly depart during this stage of their lives, especially for the adult population which has endured various sacrifices and in some cases been alone without the comfort of a loved ones to say thanks for all that they went through to provide the young ones the pleasant and comfortable lives they had until now.

Why? You are asking yourself, would a grandmother, a grandfather, a mother, a father, or even adult acquaintance recourse to such a measure? The answer is very simple. These individuals that have passed away and those soon to depart are souls that selected to ascend to the realm of the Heaven and be rewarded with a return to the New Earth that would boggle your mind if you could foresee the majestic earth that awaits them upon their return and their unbelievable knowledge they will bring. Oh yes, they are not coming as babes as we have been used to. They will be far more intellectually advanced, as well as great thinkers, discovers. and leaders to say the least. Yes, my friends, they are coming back and their unique intelligence is right now, for an average human, beyond comprehension. That is the truth! We mourn and have become extremely saddened by their unexpected departure and the manner in which we have disposed of their bodies but you must remember, the soul is eternal and it is the soul that orchestrated their departure and it is the eternal soul that also deemed that their return in the next 3 years will surpass our expectations. Because the children born will be not only happier and more independent but they will come with a far higher knowledge in comparison with the abilities we, the adult had when we were children. They will be the new Star Children as I would call them. Imagine this, a few years ago, a child entering pre-kindergarten had to be taught the number and alphabet at this stage of their lives. In fact, their abilities had to be taught. Well, the returned ones, as they are being prepared to go to kindergarten by their chosen parents, will have the intellect a 9th grade child while they are a 5-6 years old. Oh, yes! They will be great children with so much to give humanity. They will be the geniuses of tomorrow accelerating our ascension in all aspects of science, space travel, medicine, architecture, music, painting, etc. The span of their contribution is enormous especially when it comes to the growth of staple food items, and my favorite, no more fossil fuels when they offer humanity the inventions revolutionizing air and land travel, and not to mention garments that we would use requiring less washing and being more durable. There is so much more these returning souls will bring with them.

Therefore, as they depart, our hearts are saddened and troubled, and this is expected of a human being. Still, the bright side of this sad moment in human history is to realize that their sacrifice during this crisis has a divine purpose beyond comprehension. But in reality it will be a blessing in disguise. It is here that I finally understood the value of the 144,000 originally viewed by religious scholars and found in the Bible. This number when I observed it in the statistics of the deceased ones, I felt that there would be more. Well, those 144,000 that passed away will be the first wave of returnees recognized in the Bible by a divine mission. This mission was once interpreted to be as teaching, and I agree to a certain degree but I am confident that their teaching is not in the aspect of a religion approach but rather technological in nature to advance humanity across the globe. The New Earth shall be known as Nova.

Surely, there will be more souls that will follow the first wave of ascended souls which will make their stealth presence mid June 2021. Within the span of two years after the arrival of the first souls the second wave will begin their appearance. This return will not only be manifested in one country or in one that is economical stable. In fact, the great leaders and geniuses will return where they will be needed the most, the territories with the least stability. Remember the passage in the Bible that relates to, the first will be last and the last first? Well, that will be the divine order for the time and their land of birth.

I understand if you feel that what I shared seems to be somewhat in the unorthodox concept or idea but I am a strong believer in this, nothing is impossible for the Great I AM, God. If it would be, you and I would not be here for we would have no purpose. Therefore, remember that COVID-19, even in its tragic and devastating impositions, has a very essential aspect in humanity’s ascension to greatness. I just hope, and often relate to the universe, that humanity sees goodness in all of this and begins to aspire for greatness in all aspects of mercy, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. But above all things, to consider how blessed we are and consequently being eternally grateful. Humanity has been hypocritical and egotistic for a long time when it came to God and other human beings. It was a darkness that engulfed the human spirit. COVID-19 has and will change all of that. The rest of the year 2020 still houses other trials that will teach all of humanity to be thankful and once humanity recognizes the God is everything the world will change forever. It is my hope, as it is the hope of the myriads of angels and highly spiritual beings that now are on our earth at this precise time but also above our earth, that mankind collectively changes into a more pure divine human species. I extend my love and peace. And so it is! Namaste.