The Hidden Meaning of the Numbers 3, 6, and 9

If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9 then you have the key to the universe.”

Nikolas Tesla

Tesla’s most powerful words and the secrets behind the numbers 3, 6, and 9.Greetings my beloved friends and readers. As agreed, I will continue with the secrets and extraordinary aspects of these three numbers. In my previous article, The numbers 3, 6, and 9, the Key to the Universe I made an effort to provide my readers with a superficial explanation on the incalculable meaning of these three numbers and its practicality to an everyday life.

Therefore, let’s continue. I have observed that the ability to understand and apply the three numbers is quite revealing to say the least. I found that almost everywhere; on everything these numbers exercise an extraordinary influence in our lives. I have already mentioned how I use the 3 and 6 cashiers at the grocery stores. I find that these cashiers seem more friendly and in better mood. The reason is very simple, the designated domain or territory in which the vortex (whirlwind) of energies is rotating clockwise provides positive results whereas the other ones are rotating counterclockwise creating a gloomy sensation which spiritually is uncomfortable. It may sound silly and maybe preposterous but I can assure you it is neither. Here, let me add something of interest. When I go to stores that have self-checkout points I do not use them because they all lack levels of vibrational energy. In fact, it is you that is releasing your energy to a useless electronic device that gives only satisfaction to the owner in financial savings but often withdraws energy from you. The energy from these three numbers, 3, 6 and 9, are generators of positive energies. What does a self-help cashier do for you? Nothing! You may think that you saved time and effort when in reality you lost much more, a percentage of your positive aura. You think that I am joking? One day take time and sit and watch the faces of the people at these self-help registers and you will notice that they don’t smile or emanate pleasant gestures, especially, the ones with children, in comparison with the ones at the number 3, 6, or 9 registers.

There are many more situations in which these numbers play a major positive role in our environment. In fact, how far must you be from someone during COVID-19 as a preventive measure? See what I mean! It is everywhere and if you become aware of it, you will see the light of a life filled with less stress, disappointments, and failures. Happy days will be here again for those that practice number awareness. Will you be one of those people my beloved reader?

The number 9 is king of the mountain. There is no other number that has the divine quality the number 9 has, not one! Therefore, it stands above the pyramid as sole powerful force in all of the universe. Oh, yes, the number 9 is the Ruler from where all things will emanate to create. Why? Because it represents the unconditional love God has for humanity. It is also the one that defines eternity, encapsulates what we know as faith, and is best for its essence to create enlightenment. And as in the case of the year 2020, COVID-19 did and will continue providing spiritual awakening of which I have been declaring in my previous articles. But it doesn’t stop on just the simplicity of love and honor, oh no, it also defines obedience. In what fashion you may ask? Well, it does it in the aspects of being humane to all things. In fact, the Light Workers that I have been so devotedly recognizing are the ones within their hearts and souls carrying this through their example of love toward humanity. For human beings, the number 9 should constitute charity and kindness. I can add here that those born during the 9th month tend to be optimistic and often believe in a Higher Divine Order making them resilient to human interpretations. In some more adequate words, they have a deep sense that the Spark of God within themselves governs their attitudes in such areas as wisdom and responsibilities. In fact, if you could verify the birth of the famous ancient masters, you will discover that they were born during the ninth month of the year and during the third, sixth, or ninth hour of the day. Oh, by the way, did you know that Jesus was born on the ninth month and not the twelfth? And of course, it was not until the month of June when the brightest star in the sky, Venus, guided them to Judea arriving at Herod’s palace during the sixth month, and let me add this. How many Maggi’s came to give gifts? Coincidences, nope! The 3, 6, and 9 denotes destiny, yes destiny, my dearest friends!

The theme for the number 9 is to serve humanity admirably. Most often, the ones born on the ninth month, on the ninth day of such month display a life of selflessness and a deep compassion toward others, especially the ones of urgent need of emotional and spiritual needs. Their existence is to do things for the greatest good of all of humanity. In fact, they make the best spiritual servants of God while on this Earth and because of this they possess a celestial protective energy deep within their soul. Many times, they walk alone and their lives are more on the introverted side than the extroverted ones. Still, they offer without pretexts and seek none in return. Finally, the number 9 represents the celestial symbol for completeness as depicted in the Bible in Genesis. Which brings me to the nine (9) spiritual gifts the Great I AM, God has bestowed on His greatest creation, us.

Let’s begin with Faith. Faithis at the top of the list and was often spoken of by the great master Jesus. Next is wisdom as to the nature of being wise and honest in all dealings. The next gift requires for a human being to believe in the power of prayers, supplications, and petitions to the point to reveal the force behind that creates miracles, just as was done by the master Jesus. Following miracles God gave us also the virtue of prophecy and bringing an awareness of which path humanity was traveling and heading toward. Of course, Jesus was the most revered prophet and his words can be found in all five gospels denoting his view of the future. The next five divine gifts are based in the power of the first four. They are the power to heal as Jesus demonstrated during his ministry. The next one is the Power to Create from lack of belief, to having complete faith, into creating a reality. Again, you can remember how Jesus fed the crowds that followed him? The Power to Forgive is the next one. It is more than simply saying, I forgive! But you must also remind yourself and the one seeking forgiveness by adding words that discourage them from committing the offenses from which sorrow, remorse, and fears stemmed from.

The next two are the ones that require deep principles of honesty and be genuinely for every human being on this Earth and that is The Power of the intrinsic nature of God in all of us. It is not enough that you possess within you, the Spark of God but you must also honor it with the greatest of dedication and love toward all creatures on this Earth. Similarly, the last one of the Divine Gifts, the power to Create Peace and Harmony beginning with you, your family, and others. Be the beacon of light that lights the darkest places in you and your world. Darkness is the absence of light and only light can destroy darkness. In the spirit of the divine virtues given to mankind these two are the most difficult to promote yet, they are the best ones to provide an unimaginable joy when their powers are unleashed for the good of all humanity, doing it in God’s name.

There you have it, a small description of the extraordinary value of the number 9. There are multiple other values of deeper meaning and constitution but as you begin to place its value in everyday situations when feasible, you will notice deeper purpose and meaning, bringing you to the greatest virtue of the number nine, the Eternal Light or flame of God. That is, His magnificent essence! Of course, the acceptance and believe is in your hands. It is like a seed as the Bible showed. It is not only in where it would fall but what purpose the seed has. You are the sower my dearest friend. Here is to be considered, have all of the words written and posted been futile, irrational, or maybe a little bit, unbelievable? Well, the coming Great Shift, soon to arrive on this Earth, is one of those episodes in which humanity’s beliefs and focus will be tested. I can easily tell you who will win between humanity and the Great Cosmos, however I will wait for you to tell me how it felt by the end of the year 2020 when humanity has had a time to experience all of what I have mentioned in the last three years. Until then, my beloved readers, place your eyes upon the heavens, lend your ears to sounds of a joyous nature, feel the winds of change against your face, and you will see, feel, and savor the divine nature of the Great I AM and his glorious gift, the transformation of a new consciousness and an Ascension beyond understanding until all of humanity resides on the New Earth.

I will cover number 3 and 6 in the next article. And so it is and shall forever be! Namaste.