An Ode of Farewell to an Old Earth

No matter how many times is to be said

There are not enough words to be given,

Of so many things that required forgiveness

Embedded in memories of so many past lives

Endured with much sorrows, pains, drama, and deaths!

Certainly, it was what I wished

Not knowing the outcomes from each of them

Until the next journey back to amend

What has been forgotten previously!

Maybe, a dozen, hundreds, or thousands

Of lives I spent searching truth.

It was to be found within me all along

And through all of this you remained still.

But now, the dramas have ended

And a journey to the loving home

I so desperately wanted and dreamed of

Is finally here to comfort me,

I am bound to the promise land

In which love reigns supremely

And we shall feast in harmony and peace.

Farewell, my old earth!

A new life begins without the sorrow and sadness

That was found as I remained with you.

Now, I can live a life where death is no more

And I finally can say I know who I am

At a promised new home: The New Earth!

And so it shall be!