Willingness, A New Beginning

In every human’s life, there is a moment of reckoning in which not only the character of that individual is put to the test but also his beliefs. Such will be the nature of this article. At times, it seems like a child shouting at the top of their lungs for attention while the participants within a party are engulfed by the gusto of it that the child’s voice is lost in the loud music and pleasantries of the party. Life seems at times to be that way when something has importance to relate to an audience, such is the nature of our current times.

Yes, we have, and are still going through the unpleasantness of COVID-19; still, as I shared in my previous articles the purpose was to guide you through this maze of sentiments resulting from its affects. It has not been easy, of course. But it was necessary for humanity to finally become united as one galactic family. No other aspect would have made it possible. War after war did not unite the whole globe but this small virus not only accomplished but achieved what wars, famine, and economic depression have done in the past. Thus, it was vitally necessary for it to be here at this time in mankind’s season for a period of reflection.

Greetings my beloved friends and readers! It is another day closer to the divine arrival of the Great Light of the year 2020. It is my hope that this article will provide a sense of illumination as we get closer to the great moment in humanity’s history. Writers and artists will be depicting scenes about this event for centuries to come. Is it really that valuable of an event? You might be asking yourself as you read this article. The answer is an unequivocal, yes! However before its unstoppable arrival certain events that may jeopardize the spiritual awareness of its divinity valuable for all of humanity may be obscured by human activities that I will outlined herewith in this article.

First, I outlined that the reasons for the existence of COVID-19 was for humanity to become aware of the dysfunctional attitude we had among ourselves. This trend was so devastating that it was eroding our most valuable resources, God and the family. Further, it did not only affect our nation but also the whole world. We were a community with such embedded ideology of self-preservation that we often thought of the others as to hell with them. Yet COVID-19 brought the mightiest of nations to their knees and their people to isolation. It was unbelievable that anything could do this a year ago but it did with the finest precision as never before in all history.

Second, during our imposed isolation which provoked animosity among some and denial in others until the severity of the crisis became so real that it produced fears that made the foolish to the wisest take heed. During this stage of the world’s crisis, arouse new expectancies giving us the opportunity to reflect on our invincibility and our frailness as creatures on this Earth. It was a time for knowledge and understanding not only of us, our environment, but for the needs of others also. There were no distinctions. The crisis affected all genders, races, and spiritual beliefs. The crisis was something that could not have been recognized a hundred years ago. Now, the air is pristine. The Earth is greener. Water is cleaner and overall, the Earth is a new Earth. It was during this time that we should have reflected on the damage we were causing to our only home, our beloved planet. I named it, the period of awareness for all of humanity to search deep within their spirit and souls to recognize the many infractions we had committed not only toward our fellow man but the Earth. It was also, the opportunity to begin to understand what it meant to be a human being. It should have provoked within us a need to know who we were and what purpose we had in all of this. It was the period which we began toward an upgraded consciousness.

Third, before, during, and even now, there came the Superman characters that watched over of the crisis and the effects of its devastating nature. Yes, of course, I agree with you regarding the courageous First Responder personnel which I named and denoted them to be the saviors, however I am here describing a group of celestial entities I have identified in previous articles as the Light Workers and the Star Seeds who began their spiritual journey to strengthened the divine purpose for all of humanity. While humanity was preoccupied with COVID-19 these elite celestial beings began offering of their virtues to bring serenity and strength to all those affected. This was the period for all of us, every single human being on this Earth, to begin his or her period of contemplation. Simply, begin a thoughtful observation of their spiritual condition and emotional state. Subsequently, begin to conduct periods of meditations, of moments of quietness, and solitude and not in games, gossips, or chats as so many do. These intimate spiritual efforts performed periodically during the crisis would have allowed for you to be one of the Awakened Ones who maintained a clear view of what had taken place and would soon recognized the magnificence arrival of the Great Light over the whole Earth from the Celestial Realms, the Heavens. I have been saying this over and over for the last three years. I am that child that has been shouting about it while the party guests are preoccupied with a pleasantries of the party that in no way resembles what is about to take place. My beloved friends something extraordinary is going to take effect in the year 2020 and you and your loved ones will witnesses it. Would you be a party character filled with enthusiasm of a no longer to be world or would you at least for a moment think of the voice you thought you heard before the balcony in which the party is standing collapses beneath your feet?

Fourth, there shall rise an emotional discordance between the aspects of what is feminine and masculine in various aspects of our lives. Its impact will not change the arrival of the Great Light of course, but this period of uncertainties among the genders creates an awareness in which elements are more important for each. However, as the principles of superiority begin to erode, equality will emerge with a greater understanding of unity for the unique purpose that all human beings are equal. This will be the effects of the Great Light. We, humanity will no longer be arguing over the pettiness of old morals, beliefs, or emotional inclinations. It will be such a significant period that even religious ideology and traditions will change in ways you cannot imagine! It will go further into not only the social aspects but also political, financial, and economic. My advice, DON’T believe media polls, the news, or in adventurous programs referring to new programs deemed perfect for humanity because all will be changed to a unprecedented collective humanity that we cannot fathom at this time. Be cognizant that you will hear from others that they could have done better if in charge relating to COVID-19 and be leery of their aspirations because they are from the past Earth and their intentions are to regress to an ambient that is not within the divine purpose the Great I AM has for all of humanity. There was and is not one leader that could have done better than they all have done with COVID-19, which includes our current president. Only three people could have done better Elijah, Moses’, and Jesus, and not one of them is in a current governing authority position on Earth. Therefore, be aware of their inclinations and words. Remain attached to the future as God has deemed for the whole Earth and our beloved nation.

In conclusion, what is necessary to be ready for the Great Light, the Great Shift? As the title of this article entails, every one of us must be willing to change not only in our perception of who we are, what we are, but also recognizing the value of letting go, the aspects I will point out herewith. For start, you must let go of the ideology that you, the nation is going back to the way we were because we are not! That is for a song and not a reality in the years to come. Second, begin by recognizing that a new Earth will emerge from this Great Event. Look up to the skies, breathe the fresh air, and marvel at the beauty of nature. Would you really believe we are going back to the old Earth we were manifesting a year ago? It took the Great I AM and Mother Nature to bring the Earth to her pristine state for humanity to destroy it again. No sir! We are bound for a new Earth. The quicker you are aware of all of this; you will know what it is to be an Awakened One! So, let go of the idea that we are going back to a normality that was fatal to all of humanity. In short, humanity is going to where no one has gone before! Welcome aboard your personal Enterprise spaceship. Be your own captain of your new reality, your adventure, and spiritual journey to a greater understanding of the universe, its inhabitants, and its Supreme Ruler, the Great I AM, God.

Let’s continue, we must also begin to let go of our negativity. Begin to see that all things are possible with positive outcomes. You have the power to create a reality with favorable outcomes. Do not let your mind interfere with what comes from your heart. It is the conscience that taught that failures and negativity was an integral part of human existence. That karma principle will no longer exist and will not be a principal element after the Great Shift arrives in 2020. It will be a thing of the past. Be cognizant that all you needed on this Earth is given and has been accumulated for your wellbeing, therefore be grateful for all you have received and further blessings will come along with your thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness as it was promised by the great master, Jesus during his ministry.

There is no greater word to describe to you the urgency in believing in the Great I AM, God as is right now. Not the way we were taught but in a way that will make us feel as a child before Him listening to His love for you, just as the great master, Jesus demonstrated during his ministry. It has come time to love God with all of our heart, soul, and strength not because the bounties we possess but by the belief in His love and never ending benevolence, something we have forgotten about since humanity became the rebellious child. The Great Shift in consciousness will render this love toward Him attitude and much more changing your devotion to Him immensely.

There you have it! It won’t be an easy task; I can assure you to the principle of letting go of the elements that have shackled your spirituality and emotional sense of belonging to a greater source you have known as God. The best example I can give you to understand the importance of giving thought in what I have been sharing with all of you is this one. Let me use a perfect example for this time found in our Bible. It is the narrative of Exodus. Remember, how earnestly the Hebrew people prayed to the Great I AM, Jehovah, to release them from slavery? Then, God heard and sent Moses’ to seek their freedom. Then, after ten plagues that plagued Egypt they were released to journey to the new Promised Land. The people were joyful and had a festive attitude the day of departure from Egypt. But as we know, their journey happened to be through the desert with limited accommodations and resources creating animosity, alienation, and disgust among those that once pleaded to the Great I AM for intervention of their suffering. As their journey began to be more arduous, many began to complain that it was better in Egypt rather than being on the wondering journey with no end. They saw slavery, the past suffering as preferable rather than seeing the bright future ahead of them. Many took it upon themselves to spend their energy complaining and remaining rebellious to Moses’’ mandates and demonstrated this attitude by keeping less with the multitude Moses’ led. In fact, they began to remain further back each day. No matter how many messengers Moses’ sent to advise them to keep up with the massive column; they bickered and complained, still remaining stubborn and steadfast against Moses’ wishes. The rest of the biblical story tells of the outcomes of all of those that took it upon themselves not to listen to the words of Moses’, they died at the hands of Amalekites and others. Their bodies remained in the desert as a sign of disobedience and treachery. Loved ones saw members of their family being murdered without them being able to do anything because if they did, they too would perish at the end of the enemies’ sword.

What is the moral of this story? It relates to our times. COVID-19 has brought out the good in some individuals and the bad in others. We had those that kept with God’s purpose for humanity whereas others were more concerned with when the bars, parks, cinemas, and casinos would be opened because the journey of isolation was better than the slavery of work, family, and friends. Consider this; the ones that were given the gift of being not affected were the ones making the biggest complaints. Are these, the ones that resemble the Moses’ great caravan stragglers? Are they not the ones that refused to see the purpose of God in all of this? Of course, there are not Amalekites in today’s episode, or are there? COVID-19 is the enemy that will affect those society stragglers and the loved ones that will not be able to do anything for them if they become infected due to their arrogance and stubbornness. The virus is not done with humanity yet, and still has few more days in which it will be inflicting further damage and implications until May 31st.

Therefore, which character will you be in our hypothetical Moses’ journey? Will you keep up with Moses’ pace? Will you be a Caleb or Joshua that maintained the faith and belief in God’s purpose to look after your safety and care, or will you reject all the mandates given on behalf of your safety and seek to become the straggler before the Great Light arrives? That is the key to the episode of COVID-19 and its aftermath. It is all up to you now! The question remains what are your intentions and where are your intentions to a life, a world, an Earth that is about to take a giant leap into a future? You are going to be affected whether you recognized it to be imminent or not. In my spiritual opinion, I convey, the time to believe is at hand there are no more pretexts, denials, or negotiating to be made on behalf of old beliefs, an old Earth, or a heaven made based on judgments or convictions. The hour has arrived my beloved friends and readers. Be not caught spiritually unprepared. Meditate, release, let-go of phones, computer games, gossip, chats, and seek wisdom in all of those that are writing about the Great Shift in humanity’s consciousness. We are the guide for this spiritual journey along the travel to the west as our predecessors did when they traveled this nation for a brighter future, and they did it in wagons and walked all the way from the east to the west. Could you have done it back then as they did? Keep in mind that some of Moses’ people could not either. It’s all up to you now!

God grant you the understanding and wisdom to the words expressed here. May there be love and peace my beloved readers and friends. And so it is and forever shall be! Namaste.