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We Are in the Home Stretch Part 1

Greetings my beloved friends and readers! Finally, we can foresee the light at the end of the tunnel. COVID-19 is beginning its down trend as predicted by the universe to be in process by the end of the 150 days from its appearance to the known world. Yes, there may still be sporadic cases but for all purpose its demise is becoming a reality. There are still major difficulties the world will have to deal with due to the existence of the virus and its tragic impact it had on every human being. You will find it to be time consuming in politics, social life, and even economics throughout the various nations that now have become aware of their fragile and precatory economic dependency on China. COVID-19 had the integral element in making all countries aware of the delicate balance between economic balance and economic catastrophe. No war or natural effects has completed such a monumental task of much needed world awareness than COVID-19 achieved. Yet, it has not completed its dramatic mission for the year 2020 for it will continue well into next year, 2021.

Today is May 20, 2020. It is more than a numerical date. It is a marker along the road of humanity’s destined journey to greatness. As you can see, the numbers repeat themselves and whenever there is synchronicity it means positive potentialities for humanity. In short, something good can take place for a human being, a group, and even a nation. But it not only relates to having balance but also determines direction. Simply, count all numbers and it will add to 60 (20+20+20). But it does not end there. Add them individually and you will get the number 6 and it is one of the three numbers that balance the universe (3, 6 and 9) as per Nikola Tesla’s Theory of Uniformity and Energy.

Thus, after three days of an emotional disequilibrium during the days of May 15 through May 18, especially affecting the feminine aspects of humanity, I can relay to everyone that there will be coming a surge of spiritual energies for all of humanity and along with this energy there is also coming a divine gift of love. Confused? Don’t be. It is true, next month; June 2020 will be an unforgettable month for all of humanity. Especially during the summer equinox that takes place on June, 20. It will be a Saturday and begins at 5:43 p.m. This is the period which I have been writing about, the Great Light! It has never been seen or witnessed by humanity as it will be given by the Great I AM, God. It begins with our beloved sun. No, it is not going to go away or explode. It simply is going through the same changes our earth, Gaia, has been going through that has been affecting all of nature and similarly affecting the emotional and spiritual state of every human being. I have referred to these stages of transformation in previous articles as new consciousness.

In 1987, I was provided with this scenario that of course, originally when given through dream it seemed as it was just a dream but in 2012, all that changed when I recognized that all that was given meant simply, a new beginning for the old earth and a new emerging to a more purer and peaceful one, and of course, all creatures being affected also. Many changes have taken effect. Some have been in a sort of stealth mode and others have been loudly given. Still, many couldn’t and didn’t recognize the various changes taking place since that day in December 2012 because of personal preoccupations hindering their spiritual and emotional ambient. It was not until the year 2016 that divine manifestations begin to move forward and this was obvious by the various changes that took place in world leaderships, especially for us in America.

Now, we are here to begin the month of June 2020 with the blast of the shofar as the Bible quite often declares the divine announcements of God and June 2020 is one the greatest moment in mankind’s history. Yes, my beloved readers there will be divine manifestations in the heavens. No nothing ill or dark but, pure light emanating from our beloved sun. In some instances you may perceive a flash of light of brightness, assuming you have clear skies. Next, you will witness animals in more excited ways, especially your pets. They can express a sense of joy and gaming attitude with their masters. You may notice greater numbers of birds flying in rhythmical ways, and of course those that cannot fly may display infantile behaviors giving laughs for those that observe them. But the greatest affect is reserved for us, human beings. Oh, yes! Humanity is going to be treated to a divine gift that may surprise and in many cases make unbelievers of some of them because it will take the strength of believing in something we have never experienced and that is my beloved readers, a divine wave coming directly from the Great Source, God filled with all of the energy you could ever imagine from an emotional heart that we as humanity know to be true love!

The plain truth my beloved friends, I, you, your loved ones, all of humanity are going to experience the force and energy of God’s Unconditional Love affecting our souls, hearts, and spirit as you have never experienced before. Yes, the sun will be the key to it all. Set your eyes up toward the heavens during the day before (June 19) and the day after (June 21) of the summer equinox, June 20, 2020 which is precisely, thirty-one days (31) from today. It is going to be a memorable day for all of the Light Workers and Star Seeds who have been waiting for this divine moment for over two millennia ago. This is to be a period of much joy and plenty for a New Earth and a new humanity consciousness with unprecedented virtues as foretold by the great master, Jesus during his ministry.

Yes! The promises will be fulfilled as foretold by the ancient writers. I am glad to be alive during this time and I hope you are too. Be spiritually vigilant. Don’t allow yourself to be preoccupied with disclosures of COVID-19 drama and culprits, the political arena, the economic trauma, or the mass news media with their biased traditions, especially during the approaching events of the Great Light. I can assure you that this divine event will not make front page or alert news at all. For those that are expecting this to take place during the summer equinox will be vigilant and prepared to delight in the Great Source’s divine gift, as I will be during those three days. In fact, I plan to take a spiritual leave from June 3rd through June 9th, 2020 to be at the start of the greatest manifestation in humanity’s history. The purpose is to limit my writings and other earthly chores allowing for me to spend the time in solitude, meditation, and observing a vegetarian diet. The purpose is to establish a personal, spiritual, and emotional balance in preparation for the Great Event of the year 2020. The year 2020 is not to be a single road of certainties but multiple parallel roads of various uncertainties such an unforeseen spiritual battle that will make its cameo appearance toward the end of the year with grievous consequences to our spirituality.

There you have it in a nut shell. Humanity is about to be given the greatest gift ever given in all of humanity’s history, the energy of God’s Unconditional Love to be experienced by all of humanity as we transition toward a more pure spirituality. We are the benefactors from such divine manifestation. Be prepared, meditate, and remove yourself from the mundane world we are living in as of right now. Keep from games, chats, entertainments that may preclude you from experiencing the wealth of spiritual love arriving during the summer equinox and continuing until the winter equinox in December 2020. We are all going to feel different inside by end of the month of June 2020, I can assure you of that. I will be here sharing with you all about it! Let’s be Blessed and Grateful for such divine gestures the Great I AM, God is to provide us. Peace and love my beloved friends and readers. And so it is! Namaste.