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The Spiritual Renaissance of the Year 2020

Greetings my beloved and faithful friends! I know that it has been a long time since I have addressed you with a spiritual article. Please, accept my sincere apology since many of you follow me on my website, which has become a lighthouse of spiritual awakening for so many of you. Personal and medical issues impeded me from being able to provide you the messages. However, I am back to continue my mission to bring to all of you the redactions given to me in the last six months and especially what is to take place from the day of the presidential election to 21 December, 2020.

First, I must convey to you that the proclamations of success you have heard so much about are nothing more than a final episode of the Dark Lord attempting to mislead you of a dark victory at all cost. This article will open the door to the potent spiritual evolution, transformation, and accountability to every single act in which integrity, honesty, and truth have been maliciously and intentionally abused, however it has happened to a large audience. 

Second, there is a very potent, divine, and somewhat mysterious agenda and force creating this current chaotic and deceptive environment. The question that must be addressed is who is doing it? Well, I can assure you that ingredients of all of this is us, a portion of American’s that have not or did not want to be awakened to the true reality that there is without a question that the human consciousness is going thru dramatic changes driven by emotional, mental, and spiritual adaptability either in the dark or the light realms. We volunteered to be here at this precise time to experience such evolution. This mysterious force we all possess but more often than not we seem to disregard it, faith. Yes, this assortment of drama we are witnessing every day is becoming like a Greek tragedy due to our lack of deep down faith sending us to an abyss of fear and anguish. However be not trouble by enormous inconsistencies and vague prognosis by the so called news media prophets that are constantly pounding on your spirituality and trying to make a disbeliever of a Greater Source which as of right now is in command of all things, good, and bad.

Third, I will share with you what I was giving in 1987 while I was finishing the manuscript of my published novel, “God’s Chosen Ones.” I related it in the novel. The upcoming events of fraud, lies, and deceptions targeted not only to the integrity of humanity but also the rules that governed our state of mind. I was shown on November 1987 to this period in 2020 that “The Heavens” would ally with the “universe” and together would have a plan encompassing first, a network of deceptive (dark) energies within the subtle human mind activating all the planes of spirituality finally integrating into our psyche. This first phase once placed into effect would be under the over sighted by of a heaven council. The initial phase began in December of 2019. Here, I suggest you should read my articles about the COVID-19 pandemic, were you will find detail aspects of the causes and consequences of this virus.

Additionally, during the initial phase there were to be the uncovering what I have come to name, the system of perdition derived from blatant and unscrupulous behavior by members of our own society. This initial phase would be revealed containing six (6) reproachable elements that would bring disgrace and shame to a once formidable spiritual nation created, guided, and judged not only by our own selves but also by the heavens. These six elements or manifestations (negative energies) that govern the realities uncovered after the day of the election and the governing celestial authority that allowed for it to be placed into effect ensuing acts of perversity were inconsistency, degradation, manipulations, degenerateness, degressive acts, and most important deforcement. All of these basic acts of deception toward the cardinal virtues found in the annuals of this nation’s Fathers and humanity’s existence were to be the cornerstones of freedom and democracy as the guiding light to many other nations. Therefore, because of the vital importance to ascend humanity to a higher level of beliefs and divine manifestations, the heavens put us, America to the test, to see if we were worthy of the freedom we have taken for granted, call it a final exam if you will. It also, conducted to observe if the youth of this nation would be willingly to be responsible and receive the title of a patriot, a knight, a warrior worthy to defend righteousness as our predecessors did with their own blood. Thus, the test for America is just beginning. The nation is under siege by we have come to known as corruption. Many people have echoed, said, shouted that we are a divided society however for me it is not true. What is really the sad truth is we are a nation separated from God. Therefore, that is why the heavenly council and the universe have sought to see if we can be worthy not only of the everlasting unconditional love The Great I AM has toward all of humanity but also to recognize that God is within all of us consequently, the heavens expects for us to act in similar ways. Until this is achieved, perversity, mendacity, and deception will keep from having the union with God and just as the Great Master and Lord Jeshua taught us. Love one another is the mandate of this troublesome episode for America. Is it achievable today? That is the test upon America. If we can do it, the rest of the world will follow suit. If not, well let’s not think of it just yet. Remember God is love and mercy and He has the last word.

Therefore, my fellow Americans, this is a current test of faith, trust, belief, and manifested obedience to all of what is expected not only from every American but every human being on this planet. The idea is not only to recognize but to accept that this is the only planet available for us and such mandate of obedience and respect toward the principles of truth, justice, and peace comes with heavy and irrevocable conditions. So, the universe has embarked us on a cosmic spiritual journey filled of obstacles and emotional deviations to determine whether we can learn to trust and believe in the sanctity of the human spirit and above all, can humanity, forgive!

Thus, faith, trust, and truthful prayers are essentials to not only succeed but for all of American citizens to be triumphant during this crisis and muster the faithfulness and trust in God’s mighty hand over America. It has come to this simple fact that America urgently needs an evangelical unity. No longer has separation of ideology or perspectives as it been for so long and finally this separation has been brought to life during this presidential election for our nation to recognize how divided we are. I called it, The Spiritual Civil War. Either, we immediately accept that there is one Divine Source we call God and all churches unite in fervent prayers throughout this crisis until the last word is declared by God, and we along with great master uproots the malignant disease we now perceive. Remember this, Christian denotes a single spiritual family with one Omnipotent God, therefore the question is can the religious entities of this country unite and combat the current crisis with prayers after prayers, fasting, and removing from the daily activities that divided us and fervently speak to God as a united church? That is the dilemma that is before us during this presidential election. It is not about who will be president but rather, can Christianity in America unite and practice what has been preached for 100s of years to other cultures. However, failure to unite, trust, and have faith during this trial sometimes due to fears and anguish overtaken us, then, the thoughts of our possible dismay will be to say the least, catastrophic. In the next article I would address when this celestial journey captures all of our fearsome emotions due to apprehension, anger, frustrations due to deceptions now in a rampage throughout our nation. Don’t let these fears take you away from the trust and love in God and His wishes for a Christian unification. Be cognizant that these are the negative emotions (energies) for you to experience. It also assist you in learning how to cope with the various divine experiments relating to the free will every citizen of this nation possess because we are the light for those others watching us, and we are not only being scrutinized by a celestial realm but by the other nations. I will include also the calendar of these on-going divine events. Be strong! Believe more now than ever that The Supreme Source, God will see America favorable and return the spirituality and holiness our forefathers believe in and placed their divinely inspired words that made our rules of laws but also our divine destiny, not only to dwell in peace in this planet but also to be the teachers and guides for others within the great and vast universe in which we are a part of it. God always has the last word in the last chapter. Let’s hope is in our behalf. Peace and harmony to all of you!