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We Are in the Home Stretch Part 2

Greetings my beloved friends and readers! It is a great delight to continue an article that I wrote with the same name and topic back in May 20, 2020. However, as I shared with you earlier an unexpected medical illness that lasted almost six months precluded me from posting and continued writing. Thanks to the benevolence of the Great Source, God, I have improved substantially and continue to share with you the spiritual messages received.

It is interesting to see the writings described in May 2020 and verifying them during this tumultuous period of November 2020. In my published novel, “God’s Chosen Ones” I described that there were to be three eras, phases, humanity will have to go through to reach the desired spiritual realm decreed by the Great Creator of the Universe, God. The cornerstone block was placed on December 21, 1987 and the foundations for the Magnificent Temple of Spirituality for mankind began to be erected. It was to be a period of trials and testing in which humanity’s deep trenched spirituality will be tested. On December 21, 2012, humanity far exceeded the celestial expectations and an irrevocable journey began and will last until December 21, 2020.

Since December 21, 2012, humanity has been going through a period of purification as never experienced in all of mankind history. We have seen unexpected outcomes not only in economy, but social, religion, and most predominantly politics. It has been both a mentally and spiritually exhausting journey with trails that have shaped our consciousness to its core, and the journey is not yet finished. The weeks until December 21st, 2020 will have various degrees of illumination to so many of us filled with anguish, frustrations, and disgruntling emotions by the results of the presidential election and yet for many others laughter, joy, and enthusiasm are the orders of the day. However, all are part of a great test in the following, forgiveness, and benevolence. Yes, it is the final step of the second phase that began on December 21, 2012. By the end of this year of 2020, all Americans from all over will experience either euphoria or awes in which the principle of honor, honesty, integrity, and justice will be trampled by deception and corruption hurling deep spiritual emotions into a depressive abyss. These emotions upon half of Americans had a purpose to have these believers of righteousness to experience the pain and udder disappointment can cause to a noble cause. As for the other Americans that rejoice in the perception that they are victorious is for them to experience that success, triumph must be supported on a frame of justice, truthfulness, and within honorable attributes.

Therefore, in situation such as this, there are no winners since cohesiveness or unity does not exist, and that is the tragedy of it all. Thus, it becomes necessary for God and the Universe to be the referees and bring about a balance. Such is the test of this presidential election. In the case of our presidential election, two teams entered the political coliseum and each side with their chosen gladiators and battle in an arena filled of dreams shattered, each one of them with the idea they were the winners. Thus, the red and blue banners became symbols of separation and disunity creating a nation filled of patriotism but dressed in garments of envy, jealousy, distrust, and deceitfulness. Consequently, we stand within an atmosphere filled of persuasion, perversion, and animosity throwing all Americans into a great confusion into the ideals of freedom and honor.

It is because of this stubbornly or perversely persistence of who is right and the offense created toward the principles of honesty and freedom that made the universe and its entities to enter into our nation’s dilemma and bring heaven and spiritual order to a nation created by God and to be the light to the world. Now, while the various manifestations of political manipulation have been observed by the universe, God, and he great master Jeshua. Consequently, America is under observation from above and from the nations of this earth. The end result is in our hands. There is no middle because it was the middle that obscured our view of justice, honor, and love to our constitution. It has become necessary for both parties to find a common spiritual ground in which all the principles of freedom and justice can be again the cornerstone of our existence. Thus, devoted, pure, and meaningful prayers must be conducted by all Americans for the Great I AM and His entourage of angelic and universal beings can see our devotion not only to His divine precepts of free will, unconditional love, kindness, benevolence, and peace can be not only in our hearts but also in our immortal soul which happens to be His divine essence.

We are now at the cusp of being a nation under God’s Supreme Sovereignty or one ruled by men’s delusional seductions of supremacy eroding the pillars of justice and honor which are the foundations of a great nation. The blue banner Gladiators of this presidential election are our brothers and sisters and just as it was during the era of Emperors and Kings, their followers fought for their ideals and hopefully freedom. However, many times all efforts made for that freedom were ended most often in death and sorrow. I am not saying that we are in the same situation as in ancient times but instead of weapons that caused death, we have various predatory mediums when utilized through act, verbal, or harmful language of pretentious condemnations inflicting emotional pain and distress to an individual.

It is because of this unruly attitude found during this presidential election that the universe is observing to see if humanity can become united or continue on that reckless journey not only deteriorating the holiness of our priceless Constitution. It is not enough that we have desecrated, and in many times did not or would not recognized the sanctity of the divine and supreme Commandments of the Great Creator of the Universe, God, and now the inspirations God gave our forefathers as a perpetual guide, has now been tarnish by the hands of those that could not understand the sacrifices had been made by so many heroes. It is sad but it is the truth. Today, the blue banner gladiators claim that theirs is the freedom and their voice. It was accomplished through deceit and falsehood. The Bible details throughout that truth will always prevail because it stands on the shoulders of God. Therefore, for now the blue banner warriors are enchanted in their triumph which is for now their political mirage. The God of this nation and Israel is watching us very closely. It is up to the gladiator of the red banner to unify not in ridiculing or condemning them but begin forgiving them as God begins His divine journey back of our nation to return to Him. I urge all of those red banner warriors that feel devastated, sad, or even revengeful to drop the weapon that is in your right arm to strike back and seek instead the holy book and the cross because they are going to need urgently our forgiveness. God waits, when all is done, for them to seek His embrace. We must pray that the great master Jesus guides them to turn around and see the vast unconditional love of the Supreme Creator, our God and Father.

As we manifest daily, God grant peace to all of Israel! Let us, every patriot of the world and of God, soundly and genuinely shout from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean and beyond, Please, God grant perpetual peace to all of the United States of America and her Children! And that is the divine order for the coming weeks until all is revealed by the hand of God and the testimony of our great master Jesus and His Council of Righteousness! God Bless America! So it shall be.