A Single Rose on the vine

The Epoch of Humanity’s Vindication

Humanity is at the celestial equinox of our existence and its arrival has been with great anticipation, to say the least, for thousands of years. Greetings my beloved readers and dearest friends! It has been awhile since I addressed you in writing or in a video. I am expressing an apology herewith, acknowledging that my absence concurred during a vital emotional and spiritual period of my life and possibly yours as well. However the absence was related to some personal medical conditions and most important, personal spiritual reconciliation between me, the earthly being, and my higher self. It was not a reconciliatory period caused or created by conflicts or discourse due to doubt but rather requiring patience and a deep search of trust, belief, and un-revocable unconditional love for the one you soon will come to know as, The Great Source!

Since, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I sought answers to what I received in 1981 and 1987. During these two periods, I was given messages and images of an earth bound for destruction and chaos due to its inability to muster compassion, forgiveness, and love. These were the requirements for humanity to shift from a journey engulfed in darkness and destruction as we learned to be called Armageddon the end of all life on the planet. The outlook seemed so bleak and unavoidable that it affected me and I resourced to place it all in a published novel, “God’s Chosen Ones.” Therewith, I described the lack of faith, compassion, believing in the unconditional nature of love which was the contributors to our spiral demise to a deadly devastating end. Therefore, I struggled for years after its final draft to have it published by seeking interested agencies in secular writings but found more closed doors than open ones. However, God (The Great Source) found the spiritual person to contribute financially to have it published and the rest is history.

Now, to my last six months of absence I previously mentioned. During this period of spiritual isolation from you my beloved readers and friends, I spent the time seeking truthful answers to formidable questions relating to the spiritual and divine journey now within humanity’s reach. Once made aware of an unmoral earth soon to succumb to destruction through war after war with deadly consequences for us all and witnessing the events that unfolded in support of the War on Darkness by the Forces of Light it was unmistakable that humanity had been given a chance to a new existence with assistance from divine and cosmic beings with the sole purpose to protect the earth from mankind’s savage nuclear wars. Yes, the earth had the priority, which is Mother Nature/ Gaia was recognized as the one to protect from humanity’s carelessness.

Since, the year 1991, various celestial and cosmic (heavenly) acts with unmitigated approach have been enacted to protect and safeguard the existence of our planet, earth from humanity itself. It was an absolute resolution by friendly celestial and cosmic beings or creatures to become personally involved at any cost to guard the divine nature of this planet as deemed decreed by its creator, God and its guardian, Jeshua/ Jesus who shed his own blood upon the soil of this planet, and humanity seemed to have forgotten because instead of protecting it, humanity savagely sought to destroy not only its beauty but also exhaust its valuable resources inclusive eradicating mankind along with it! Consequently, a call went across the universe and it was answered without dispute or pretense except on one, save Gaia, The Great Earth! And ever since 1991 to the date, December 21st, 2012, the Great Earth began its journey to spiritual and grandiose Natural Restitution to last for thousands upon thousands of years alongside the new evolved, transformed humanity.

Therefore, the once unmoral humanity of a so called, old Earth is now accompanying Mother Nature on a restitution evolution. Mankind’s ability to destroy and sabotage the beauty of this planet is no longer made available to humanity, and if the darkness (humans) dare to create an authoritative command to resort to the evil protocols used in the past, the representatives of the Commission or Council of Light will not tolerate such authoritative principle and will act in accordance with the principles decree for the Ascension of a New Earth! Simply, humanity is no longer in chains nor is humanity to live in an old earth but rather the The New Earth as decreed by the Great Source, I am! Surely today’s news, arguments, disclosures are not reflecting these hidden agendas from an Old Earth conglomerate of world leaders with absolute powers over humanity but I can assure you that much is to come during these coming months, The year 2021 will be one for the record books. The year already began with various hidden agendas by powerful beings around the world but there are still hidden agendas that will shock the core of your conscience. However, all of this is necessary for humanity to go through to begin to ascend to a higher level of consciousness and spiritual capabilities which are currently hidden or in a dormant state, but not for long.

Be at ease that today, May 23rd is the beginning of a marvelous both emotional and spiritual journey for humanity. It is known as an awakening and you can be part of it right now if you maintain an open mind and look into the sky and wonder, are we alone? However many of you may choose not to see beyond the horizon of our conscience and accept that the earth is still flat or that we are the only ones in the whole galaxy according to our previous teachings given during our earthly existence. After all, we are the ones with the great Spirit of God within us and we govern it by the great principle known as, free will and can chose to accept or deny at any principle before us. That’s right, each one of us, in the next 72 hours, culminating on May 26th, 2021, will have an opportunity to either accept that a new consciousness is emerging and affecting you as well as all of humanity or you can simply ignore it all. For those of you that can sense that something is divinely brewing upon the earth, will witness the Great Light of Higher Consciousness on May 26th, 2021 and forever change you to a higher level of existence. For those that may not desire to accept or consider the possibility of such a divine act, fear not you still will be able to see the effects of its presence as you will observe confusion and fears from a large portion of humanity. However, here is my advice, seek the ones that witnessed the Light and seek their words of wisdom and encouragement. I can regrettably point out in here that even large numbers of the worldwide population will be affected by the spiritual crisis. There will be such spiritual inconsistency that populations will seek to have their fears explained from their places of worship. You are going to be extremely surprised to find out the degree of spiritual deficiency found with their responses to the audience’s desperate questions. There will be an inability to give the right responses. Such an atmosphere of spiritual lack compounded with mitigating fears will be traumatic during these times. It will be prevalent within these institutions to worsen the fears and apprehension you already going to be experiencing because of the Great Shift in Consciousness and of course, its resulting effect in the conscience of their population.

Thus, May 23, 2021 initiates the seventy-two (72) hour countdown toward May 26th, 2021. After May 26, 2021 we begin counting the following day codes such as, three days, six days, and nine days until June 11th and 12th, 2021, by that period humanity has experienced awesome divine principles as never seen or experienced in our history. It will be time for the proverbial, choosing the red pill or the blue one. The choice will be yours. It is my utmost fervent desire and wish that you choose wisely!

A year ago, around May 2020, I published an article referring to the nature of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 and how they interact with humanity and the universe. I strongly recommend that you go to thejerusalemassembly.org and read this and other related articles referring and addressing this galactic divine event of the months of May and June 2021. You will be glad to read them and find the comfort and peace necessary to experience a delightful divine Celestial Event! I must remind you that, you volunteered to be here for this glorious moment of May 26, 2021. It will be a shame to miss the glory of the moment because it will not happen again for seventy-five thousand years. Congratulations to all of the awaken Star-seeds and Light workers who life after life endured death, pestilence, and hunger to bring about the Great Shift. Much recognition needs to be given to these faithful beings for their valuable work. The awakened ones as they are recognized will witness the Light and be comforted with a place in a higher dimension alongside Gaia! Be wise, be strong, be the believer you are and meant to be during this divine moment! It’s your destiny! And it is as it was decreed thousands of years ago!