leafless branches in the morning sun covered with dew

An Emotional Roller Coaster

I am sure that just about every one of us has experience a ride in a roller coaster. You may have ridden one at a traveling carnival when it visited your community. Other of you may have experienced it at a major attraction park. You will agree that the energy and enthusiasm of those care free teenage and young years does not compare with the emotion riding a similar roller coaster ride now at your mature life. The eagerness that was once the drive to experience thrills and joy are now substituted with apprehension, may have some hesitation accompanied by a little bit of fear. I can assure that having grandchildren today will expose you to this memorable event as your grandchildren, especially those in their teens that make every effort to convince you to give a little try to what they consider the roller coaster ride to be awesome and exhilarating. This loving inspiration and persuasive attitudes is what makes us, the old and wise grandparent to take a plunge into the realm of the child desires. To see the faces of us, the dread and apprehension of every step we take toward the roller coaster cart is something of a Hollywood movie. Throughout the ride we remained tense and wishing for the ride to end quickly almost sensing all of the aspects of our body been tossed around like a garment in a washing machine. As the ride ends you feel a sense of relief that you survived it as the your grandchild ask you if you enjoy it, and of course you will respond with a full smile that you did but as soon as that the child says, “let’s do it again!” You are quick to respond no or a simply respond, another time.

Well, this scenario is what is currently happening to mankind except it is in the grand cosmic scale. Ever since the year 1987 when an agreement of humanity awakening intervention was in accord at the highest divine level, we have been experiencing various degree and levels of human emotions. It is, and will continue affecting all of humanity. Just as the individuals riding the roller coaster, their excitement and joy is different for everyone in it. The same is with these emotional energies affecting humanity. During these period of up and downs, turn and twist just as the ride is for everyone in it, the outcome for each one is different. Similarly, this emotional roller coaster ride humanity is experiencing now will end and the fear or apprehension as we once we felt before we got into the roller coaster cart. It will disappear with smiles and words of personal accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

Thus, the confusion, the dismay, and some apprehension you are experiencing as humanity experience a degree of internal, emotional transformation is required to ascend to a higher level of a more refined and pure emotional state never experienced by mankind until now. We all, all of humanity is experiencing it. Some are adjusting quickly as it is felt and recognized to be harmless but being an important part of us to become anew but also our earth. For as the earth is evolving to a higher level of consciousness also is humanity. In fact, the ones that have been, shall we say awaken since 1987 and became spiritually converted on December 2012 are experiencing the beneficial effect of the energies that now encompasses all of the earth. I know that it is going to be difficult for many of the ones that consider themselves mature and wise in today’s earth to comprehend the value and vital aspect of this emotional transition in humanity because these energies has nothing to do what has learned by experiences but by believing and trusting a divine nature that has been elusive to so many of us. For these new divine or cosmic energies are affecting everything on earth but it is most influential in humanity transformation and ascension. Its essence or purpose is a whole new concept of eradicating all of our negative emotions that humanity sought to adhere to for millennia. All the spectrum of negative emotions that once ruled over humanity’s existence will fade away and be no more and the transformation into the realm of positive and unconditional emotional energies will prevail throughout all of humanity. It will not come or be about overnight but it sure will be done quickly and for the large part of humanity will not only experience all of these transformations for it is affecting everyone on this earth but you will also live to see it been part of a new earth, a new humanity.

Therefore, all of these emotional states alterations, migraine type headaches, ache and discomforts throughout our body experiencing are part of such transformation to a large degree. Patience and tolerance to it all is what is required. Go with the flow of the divine current. Remind yourself always that all that you are sensing and perceiving as being unusual or strange lately is temporary. It’s all beneficial toward the earth and humanity. It will all finish at that appointed time as it was the ride you took with your grandchild. Keep in mind that your emotional state is been transformed. Seek peacefulness and isolation if you must when any individual may conceived to hamper or threaten your positive emotional state and peace, fight not, as we do tend do or are inclined to do in such cases. In some cases, as it would in this case, flee to a safe place where you can be your positive emotional self. After all, isn’t this and much more in the Bible? Doesn’t the bible tell us to forgive, to amend, and to love? Well, guess what? That is what it is now necessary to ascend to a higher emotional level and as it was taught two thousand years ago. As it was given for them to apply to their circumstances, it does apply to us. The difference is that for them it was but an intent but for us is a must do now.

What a difference it makes two thousand years later. We no longer can rely in an apparition type concept as humanity has had in the past. It is all changing. In fact, since the year 2012, all the elements for the ascension of earth and mankind have pick up speed, frequencies and modality. Be not afraid. Be fearless of the coming changes in all divine aspects toward the earth but also affecting in the various degrees of human existence. In fact, it is not only our state of emotional responses that is been affected but our ability to perceive and discriminate between what is the truth and a deception. Along with emotional impacts, technology is also impacted as the flood of cognitive thinking begin to surge and technology that was once stagnant and somewhat limited will flourish to higher levels bringing about inventions in all fields improving mankind chances for a more enjoyable lives.

But what would be most significant in this emotional storm is the rising of dark hidden disclosures that had remained top secret for decades in various elite groups that soon; their illicit and controlling agendas will be brought into the light of awareness for all of humanity. In fact, these disclosures will emphasize world leaders, elite personalities and pontificated characters revealing to the world their dark agendas. Their once invincibility ideology will be crumbling down like the Walls of Jericho. It will be a wonderful day of Consciousness Emancipation and you will see it beginning to happening the year 2020 and beyond because from the beginning of the year 2020 to the end of the year 2040 is nothing but, changes, shifts, transformations and divine newness over the whole earth affecting every soul on this planet. Simply, my friends, there will be a total new earth and a total human consciousness. Therefore, climb aboard the divine roller coaster and let go of your fears and apprehension. Firmly and securely walk to that divine roller coaster cart and sit in the confidence that you are riding the ride of your life and you want to experience that joy and enthusiasm you once felt when you were a child. Be the joy, be the love, and be the person that grandchild next to you sees you as the greatest person that exist in the whole earth. After all, that is the way, the Supreme and Infinite Creator, God sees you. Rejoice Child of God! Your hour has come now. There is no turning back. Securely feel the difference all these energies are affecting us and compensate it with your trust. Keep this in mind every day that you are ascending from the mundane aspects of the old earth to a more beautiful earth but also purer. And with this emotional transformation arrive your new spiritual garment and a new sense of peace, harmony and love. Welcome my friends to the new dimension of unconditional love. Be not a prisoner of the past or the old earth as you have been for so long. Be the divine being you have been and is returning home! And it is and shall be forever and more. Namaste