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Stretching your Imagination and your Believing Nature

While considering the agenda for this article, I understood that the topic could somewhat be controversial and in to some degree a little bit intimidating also. As a professor of Psychology and taught numerous hours in topics relating to emotions, beliefs and mental processes, I can understand that every human being maintain a “comfort zone” in all aspects of social, emotional and spiritual arenas. The purpose for this area of comfort is to protect us from encountering damaging or controversial issues that may affect shall we say, our personality, agenda and even our sense of dignity to some degree. It is a delicate topic to discuss the Believing Nature of a human being. We can portray or depict a general order of what a population can conceive and imagine but cannot be at times able to be more scrutinized or definite because human aspects of believing in something is a complicated cognitive mechanism. Therefore, even the odds of convincing everyone is not realistic. What would be realistic is to provide enough palatable information regarding above subjects to each one of my readers and let them be their own judge of the appropriate approach that can be consider satisfactory.

Let’s begin. There are signals, cosmic, divine, universe driven signals that have arrived, are arriving and will continue arriving for the next weeks, months and even some coming years. These signals have for essentiality the ability or effect to enhance not only our body or corporeal entity but also our cognitive abilities that is given to each human being. In short, we are been overhauled both on mind and body sort of speaking. It is affecting, simply putting it, our DNA. Just about everybody has heard of the acronym but cannot grasp its purpose or function, therefore herewith is a short description. DNA is the chemical key ingredient of “polymeric chromosomal constituent of living cell nuclei.” In layman terms, it is the treasure box, the container, the secure vault that determines every human being hereditary characteristics. In short, is the makeup of you!

As it is in all things on this earth, the signals or waves as they are called during its initial arrival was literally almost absent to most of humanity except for some individuals that are more susceptible to changes in cycles of frequencies. For example, they are some individuals that are easily affected or vulnerable to the changes of the weather due to barometric pressure changes. These barometric pressure changes often can cause headaches, emotional shifts and even a curtailment in appetite. In extreme cases, it can debilitate an individual to a point to become bed ridden until the barometric changes to a higher level. Similarly these arriving cosmic waves interacted with our psyche, that is our mind and it’s functioning in the overall aspect of our environment. In many ways it is affecting or better said, it is enhancing our confidence level in how we can think of something that is important to the individual in an order of reach a higher confidence but also a higher degree of reassurance. This is a novelty for a common person since it was common for humanity to deny him the opportunity to analyze or determine the appropriate response to a specific stimulus. Rather, most individuals relied in the expertise of an educated, or an elder to determine what was right or wrong without realizing that they possess the potential to make the same decision and in many cases they could come with a better one than the conceived by the studied one. This is so prevalent in Jesus ministry. He understood and knew of the human of the people that sought him. Subsequently, he often spoke of the means by which a person could and was cured. He recognized that those seeking his divine intervention on their illnesses had already conceived in their mind that he could be the only one that can cure them. Jesus understood and knew of the divine power every human being possessed but was dormant in every one he came across. Those that were cured could not fathom or grasp that their cure was within themselves. Jesus often spoke and related that it was the individual “faith” that cured him. Thus, what was Jesus divine intervention in curing the individual? Jesus understood and had knowledge of energy that was within all of us called “the human being believing nature” and found it to be the key to bring about the divine awareness within the individual’s soul, which is by the way is eternal, which means that is divine and has complete knowledge of the universe and its complexities, and of course the drive that makes all things exist, that was and is, “love.” Not just any kind of love or the love humanity perceives as adoration or filial respect. It was an unrestricted love toward all humanity, known to us as “unconditional love” and we have it labeled and known as “faith.”

To be frank, honest and not to create controversy of beliefs, simply I can share with you that every human being has the divine virtue to cure himself. It is our fears that limits us from reaching deep in our consciousness and find the magic switch that turns the light or the divine mechanism to cure ourselves. In short, Jesus never asked in any of its people beliefs. He only asked if the individual have faith. He simply knew that they believe in him and his divine ability. All he did was to sort of speak, turn the divine switch through an energy transfer from him to the individual allowing the individual own divinity take over and manifest a cure. This is what humanity “believing nature” is all about and it is now being energized or shall I say it here, turning humanity divine switch at the grand scale and not just one person but everyone on this earth.

Therefore, I suggest and if I can persuade you as I try in my previous article, An Emotional Roller Coaster to climb into it and let go of your fears and apprehension and have a blast, enjoy the ride, herewith, I ask you to stretch your imagination, or better yet, let your imagination go wild because divine changes are coming baby and you are definitely want to be part of every single one of them. Don’t seat on the bleachers. Get in this awesome divine game of trusting, believing and adhering so you the energies that are coming can turn your divine switch. We are the bottom of the first inning so the game has just started and it is about to get not only spectacular but like something mankind has never seen. Your ticket to board this marvelous train is your imagination and believing nature. Simply said, if you have been an individual that have shelter yourself because of fears? I say abandoned them and free yourself of the apprehensiveness society, religion and personal attitudes have shackled you and become the divine being you are. After all, the waves of energies arriving are becoming stronger each time, and yes, the symptoms of these waves will become more and more noticeable in physical, emotional and possibly in the spiritual nature because humanity tend to feel uncomfortable of the things it cannot comprehend, understand or determine. But that should not be for you now that you have read or listened to this article. My immediate suggestion is simple, drink plenty of invigorating drinks. I mean good for your health not for pleasure. Stay hydrated every day and consume more fruits and vegetables. Make possible efforts to consume green vegetables, in short, consume food that come or are grown in the ground. This is vital to minimize the symptoms or effects of the coming waves of divine energies.

Finally, whenever possible and this is vital, and it may be a little bit controversial but when listening to various styles or modes of sounds, i.e., music limit them to be of lower frequency and not of those with loud and a faster rhythm. Exposure to these high frequency sounds can augment the physical symptoms created by the effect of waves as it does embraces the body. In next article I will discuss the noise that can disguised the benefit of the coming energy waves. Again, this energy waves are coming and be here to stay and your emotional and physical awareness are essential to maximize their positive and beneficial effect in our bodies and spirit. And so it is and forever be! Namaste