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The Recovered Ones

Even a man that may not have had the virtue to see the future would have recognized that something was very wrong just a few weeks ahead of the year 2020. Yet, the ones with the virtues to see that far ahead contemplated not to bring an awareness of what lay ahead for humanity. It is difficult to distinguish from what can be and will be. Human nature poses the ability to not only see it all but avert it if the means to avert are available. I found that humanity relies so much on facts that fail to recognize that a measure of a possibility is all one needs to succeed. Greetings! My beloved readers and friends, this is the second article in the series referring to the roles and reasons of the individuals recognized to be infected by COVID-19. This is necessary to explain a most valuable insight of the current crisis.

I am going to indicate herewith that some of the readers may find the contents ridiculous but I can tell you without hesitation that I understand it very well because I witnessed this aspect of apprehension back in 1994 when I was searching for someone to help me publish my novel. I even went as far as to approach a celebrity that had a section of a program dedicated to authors with human related topics and the response was: we don’t support such topics. I bet you they wish they could use a time machine today and go back in time and not quickly regard it as ridiculous. Oh yes, I know well the disappointments of rejection and conjectures, however I am very confident that what I am declaring in this and the coming articles relating to the nature of the individuals affected by COVID-19 is worth merit and consideration. Many people often don’t realize what they have missed until after the fact.

So let’s begin. As of today, April 19, 2020, the number of individuals that were infected with COVID-19 is 2,407,980 million (5:00P.M.) globally. The USA has currently a total of 762,496 cases and 69,956 that recovered from COVID-19. The numbers are not impressive when observed but when compared to other territories the percentage is encouraging because other areas of the world remain with less than five percent of their cases recovering. Sadly, the media spent most of their efforts and time highlighting the numbers of dead and rebuking or rejecting the need to let the public know that efforts have been made to manage the crisis by showing the number of recovered patients. Their insensitive attitude of denoting death, horror, and tragedy is disrespectful and inconsiderate to the thousands of front line workers that are at the front lines while they sit in their nice cozy news rooms. It is my speculative idea that when all this is over, the American people are going to look very closely and profoundly at the all of those news media outlets and come to the conclusion that they do not serve the public’s best interest but rather personal interests and agendas which more often than not has nothing but bad news. Out there, right now is a group of young journalists formulating a plan to bring about a true, genuine good news network whose sole purpose would be to bring good news to the American people. Get ready you big Goliath networks, The David network is about to strike you hard. The rest of you can imagine for yourself what will be your end, and of course those journalists that did not have the good sense to say, this is not what I wanted to be may find that honesty and truth will always prevail no matter what.

Now back to our topic. The number of recovered is very significant and there will be many more in the coming weeks. All will be dependent on the actions we take in easing the rules of isolation and protective measures. There is a fallacy in all aspects of dramatic and influential events that when calm comes about that all is clear without regard that it is only the tranquility of the eye of the storm and not its end. Consequently, a second wave will come and compound all efforts made during the first wave. Yes, humanity, especially my people, the American people are not accustomed to such measures dictated by COVID-19. There is danger in thinking that there could be given a signal that all is clear. That is usually when the rug is pulled out from under our feet.

The recovered individuals from COVD-19 have a major mission to accomplish since their recovery as I will outline here. They have not yet become aware of the transition they experienced while in a coma and during this time they were not there. You have heard of the Near Death Experience (NDE) of course. We all have. Well, the recovered found themselves having some form of NDE and during that time they remained in such conditions they were picked up and transitioned to another level of awareness. Their body was there but their higher level of conscience was not. Call it the spirit for explanation purposes. The purpose for this journey was for them to be given, provided, and set aside for a divine and spectacular mission upon their return to the old Earth. It was a short visit during this astral transition in which they were given the vision of a new pristine Earth. One filled with a spirit of unconditional love. Just as the returning individual experienced having their lives changed from what they witnessed they were The Explorers and the ones to prepare the way for the Returned Ones.

Shortly, we will begin to be made aware of the life changing experiences of these affected individuals. I would say that not until COVID-19 cease to exist but for the time being, we will not hear much of their life changes but without a doubt, the year 2021 is going to be a glorious one for all of those that agreed during their being away condition to exercise a drive that will astonish others, especially those that knew them before COVID-19 and can attest that the person has changed significantly. They shall be known for their passion toward the environment and the helpless creatures of this Earth, they are the pioneers of the New Earth. Their attitudes and inclinations will be for a better Earth. It will be a coalition of a distinctive generation that shall be known as Warriors of the Earth.

You will find that their intellect has been shall we say, improvised. It will be as if, somewhere on another level, their minds were upgraded with sophisticated programs with intellect capabilities that will make science jealous. Oh, yes, they are going to be more than numbers on a statistical chart. All of these restored individuals are the first line of offense and the keepers of the universal caring law for all creatures on this Earth, which by the way is going through some awesome changes. They will have the means and knowledge in various forms of conservatism in various aspects assisting the environment and accommodating the grounds for the arrival of the Returned Ones. They are, in a way, the Earth Keepers with the sole mission to prepare the path toward the New Earth paved with conscious efforts of bring harmony, rest, and love toward nature as it was originally intended and not to be what we have done to it in the last five centuries.

Many of the ones that now find themselves saved from the experiences these individuals went through may feel, by 2021 or maybe earlier, somewhat jealous and at one point will recognize that what they are manifesting and declaring is truthful and in urgent need for mankind to change its damaging environmental habits. Now, this galactic trend will not only be carried out by our people but by all of those around the globe that have recuperated but are with a whole new set of programming aimed at improving this Earth and securing a favorable Earth for the Returned Ones which, when at the right time, will take over and direct all of the Earth’s inhabitants to be as one. It is going to be an awesome period for those that desired to be alive. All of those affected by COVID-19 volunteered prior to their return back to this Earth and become the giants of changes commencing with this crisis and I can assure you, all this will happen and more, all the way up the year 2040 just as I described in my novel, God’s Chosen Ones. Thus, the next ten years are going to be a decade of awakening that will shock the humanity of today, but fear not, you are going to be able to absorb it all and realize that all is done for a divine purpose.

Yes, my beloved friends, the end of the Earth our parents experienced and lived on is about to pass. COVID-19 was but a marker along the journey that lay ahead for all of us. There you have it, The Returned Ones and The Recovered Ones –The Warriors. Now, be prepared to meet The Saviors. It is going to be a new Earth for humanity on September 2022. However, we still have to deal with hunger, storms, natural unrest worldwide, social apathy, and a sense of aphasia by others, and much more. However, the most significant will be the awareness that what we thought God was, is not! But rather we will come to the great awareness that God is more than that and our spiritual views will be enhanced and here is the catch, it is my opinion that some of you may not agree with it but you will see it a reality more quickly than you could imagine and that is, there will be no need of a spiritual person to guide you toward God or His celestial beings. You will discover that you are with Him every second of your lives, consequently, you can talk to him as you would do to your Earthly father. Initially, this will be controversial but I want you to walk on a clear sunny day and look up into the sky, your spirit and soul will tell you that He is looking at you right then. Then, go out one clear moonless night and see the vast universe and be certain that The Supreme Creator, God created it all and you are His greatest creation in all of the universes you are watching. That will be the greatest awakening for all of humanity. And so it is and forever shall be! Namaste.