Wisdom or Folly, That is the Choice!

Arrogance yields nothing but strife, Wisdom belongs to those who seek advice.

Proverbs 13:10

The significance of this expression denotes the real truth and contains much validity. It is more than just a mere expression. It is in actuality real life experience every human being has lived through life after life. Greetings my beloved friends and readers! It is a joy to be again with you sharing the words and thoughts for this glorious moment of the year 2021. If a title could be given to all that has taken place so far during the year 2021 and what is yet to come, I would name it, The Heaven Message. The message would be illustrated with dilemmas involving darkness and light as described and taught in our Holy Scriptures and will emphasize the greatness toward mankind. The Wise Men that recorded so much of humanities ideals, sacrifices and traumas among the hard labor of both darkness and light principles in the Bible denoted that human existence and expectancy of life for mankind was brief and in the eyes of heavens it was considered to be as a single day without much rejoicing. Time for all of us was our worst enemy but we endured it all. However, all that changed, my beloved friends and readers, on December 21st, 2012 when a divine decree was dictated and honored thanks to our own human personal efforts. Yes, humanity’s own determination and efforts made it possible to be at the edge of new creation and existence.

Hence, the intermediate years since December 2012 have been ones of restoration and upbringing of our beloved Earth from the savagery of destruction and despair in which it was heading by the hands of unscrupulous men who sought wealth at any cost regardless of the cost to humanity and our beloved Earth. Throughout those past lives, we experienced periods of poverty, pestilence, and deaths that would fill a horror novel with despicable endings but a series of comic strips. But all has changed since the year 2012. The insensitive talk and empty speeches of the past will be replaced during the next weeks of the year 2021 with truthful speeches and actions in which truthfulness will abide in every human heart. And as it is known, truthful words abide forever whereas lying exists for a moment. Consequently, May 2021 and for the rest of this year, this message engulfed in truthful actions will affect all areas of human existence to a simple handshake to a complete contrite heart. Imagine this, no more contrivance from anyone, except truthful actions and words. This act or acts will bring about a massive shift of consciousness to all of humanity that each day will improve until all the appalling negativity we readily used in our daily lives will exist no more. Hallelujah! The New Life, too, will proceed with a quality of consciousness similarly experienced by the Master that walked this Earth. No more traumas of birth and death as we have known before the Great Shift of the year 2021, simply a precious life guided by the Spirit of God that dwells within every human being.

Furthermore, we will recognize and honor the preciousness of those around us but also all that has been manifested on this New Earth to include all of what nature, Mother Nature/ Gaia provides for us. Such a new and divine attitude, called the new faith, promise us a longer existence in hundreds of years as it was during the early earth of Adam and Eve. Impossible you say? Well, it is not! We are going to live our lives well until the year 2040 extending our years on this New Earth to easily live to be 120 years old as described in the Bible. Do you believe that it is not a possibility? Well, it will become a reality that will begin within next few months of 2021 and through the decade of 2030. In some manner these years until 2040, we are to live our new lives on this New Earth as a preparation for each human being to experience a portion of immortality. After all is not the soul immortal? And is not the Spirit of God of perpetual existence? Is it not also, that the Spirit of God resides in every human being? Therefore, be vigilant my dear friends for the next months of 2021 are but a spoon taste of a greater divine meal before us.

As we, humanity, ride along the waves of the circumstances and disclosures of the rest of 2021, keep in mind that as you begin to experience the shift in consciousness some loved ones, friends, or work comrades may not experience in the same intensity or devotion that you may be experiencing your transformation in consciousness. In fact, it may be worthy to note herewith that you may encounter individuals saying, we don’t know a thing about it. Or in other cases they may simple state, we don’t bother with it nor do we bother anyone so they don’t bother us. It will seem that you will witness fear and inconsistencies from people you once thought highly of. But be at peace. The shift of 2021 will affect everyone differently depending in their beliefs, their daily emotional struggles, or even health conditions. In all, the more calm you become and the more perceptive you are that a change is taking place for a better outcome and your fears are not only reduced but removed from your thoughts, the greater will be the ease in transition through the shift. In short, it is a spiritual storm and preparation for it have been going on since December 2012 and humanity has had eight years to accommodate and prepare for its arrival. However, it is not too late to begin accommodating the thoughts that all is going to be well and the storm will pass bringing a new dawn.

Thus, if you feel certain uneasiness, be not afraid to seek advice. You will find in my articles at www.thejerusalemassembly.org words to strengthen your demeanor. The purpose of this prophetic period, related in the Bible by the Prophets, was not to frightened you but to advice you, to guide you to seek your own perception of the things and events we are soon to be involved in. Besides, you will find various interpretations and it may seem confusing at times but still, they offer insights that you could easily determine the wisdom in their words. Knowledge is power, I know you have heard this expression, and that is true. Now more than ever, it is imperative to seek the wisdom of the ages for this period. Failure to act or seek your own deductions and resolve what part you play in this divine act of the year 2021 and the coming years are more than just essential, it is vital to understand its purpose and meaning because it will affect every one of us. To bury your head in the sand at this point would be unadvisable. Much is at stake, especially if you happen to be the person that loved ones and others look up to to bring a sense of peace and stability into their lives. However, if you cannot provide the spiritual enlightenment needed during this coming period of conscience changes and disclosures, you may become the consternation person bringing more anguish and fears to those already frightened and confused when in reality, peace and refrainment from negative emotions should be avoided at all cost. Simply, seek comfort in ensuring that you have time to do this within the next weeks. Refrain from news media or various other means of news disbursement. They are the worst means to acquire truth, search your soul, your thoughts and you will find the path to that journey of enlightenment much needed in June 2021 within you and where the Spirit of God dwells. My prayers are with you. Please, review my previous videos and articles. You will find a wealth of comforting words and road signs to ease the divine and spiritual storm brewing and within sight of all humanity. I am very confident that within you resides the power and knowledge of your own ability to gloriously be standing tall when the Great Shift of 2021 manifests itself in our lives.

Be wise! The choice is not difficult. What will be difficult is you unable to believe that you are the being capable of creating much peace, tranquility, and serenity within yourself but also for those around you and together capable to withstand this awesome celestial and divine period in mankind’s existence. My last words, you can do it! You have done it before. Search your heart for truth. Peace and love to all of you! Please check my accompanying video for this article. And so it is!